Carpet Bagger Bob Donovan Bags Another Carpet

Former City of Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan evacuated the city after retiring from the Common Council. He moved to Greenfield WI. But ever the opportunist, when there was the open mayoral seat to run for, he found his way back to Milwaukee just in time to have his hat handed to him by newly elected Mayor Cavalier Johnson. So as the grifter had stated, he took off for Greenfield once again.

But low and behold, barely having had time to unpack his carpet bag, he’s announced a run for the 84th District Wisconsin Assembly seat that covers his part of Greenfield and much of suburban Waukesha County…and why?

On Monday, Donovan said he decided to run for Assembly after being approached by a number of people about a campaign. He said he still has a lot to offer and is concerned about the “problems in Milwaukee spreading to our suburbs.”

emphasis mine.

Interesting dog whistle, aina?


Donovan will be running as a Republican for the 84th Assembly District from his home in Greenfield. 

Since there is already a Republican running for the seat, we’ll see a primary in August. It will be interesting to see how Waukesha County reacts to a carpet bagger. And he’s finally out of the closet…the GOP closet that is. I guess our page about his past legal issues will start getting big time numbers again.


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