Roe v. Wade: Where The Hell Is Nancy Pelosi?

No, she’s not completely missing in action since yesterday’s SCOTUS negation of Roe v. Wade. She has pushed out plenty of statements, tweets, and other social media posts. BUT:

We have had Justice Alito’s leaked draft overturning Roe for like seven or eight weeks already. The President called for it. Why wasn’t there a house bill legislating universal protection for safe and legal abortions ready to go the minute the ruling came down?? House Speaker Pelosi was completely derelict in her duties by not having that bill ready to go.

And yes, I am well aware that with the filibuster still in place in the Senate that such legislation has no chance of reaching the president’s desk. But with the majority of Americans in favor of abortion and the federal elections coming up this fall, it is important to have everyone running for office on the record on where they stand. Or maybe it’ll get passed…sacre bleu.


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