Plagiarism Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

I was surprised this morning when Blogging Blue alerted me to a ping back from Green Bay Packers Local News using our (my) content from yesterday: Third Party Ads By Anonymous Spokesperson. I have never heard of Green Bay Local News before today. The supposed author is listed as: Teresa Shea is a former newspaper editor, editor & co-owner of Green Bay Packers Local News, a writing services firm in the Green Bay region that specialises in website material, blog posts, and press releases. And apparently using content from other sites without permission or not even, at least, attributing it to the original source and author (see screen capture below). That little red Source Link at the bottom isn’t exactly what I would consider proper attribution by a former newspaper editor either. From my reading of their reprinting of the article it would seem as Ms. Shea is the author and not Blogging Blue’s own Ed Heinzelman. And just because they changed the photo attribution a bit (but left it in place, lower in the article separate from the photo) after moving the purloined photo to the top of the page…also does not meet what I would consider attribution. But they did add an ‘original’ if confusing title to their retelling.

Over the years many other media outlets have reprinted or referred to material that Zach or others have published here…and in all cases they’ve mentioned Blogging Blue as the source and generally quoted the original authors by name. I wouldn’t mind Green Bay Packers Local News reprinting or quoting from anything that I publish here. But I wan’t credit where credit is due. Just putting that itty bitty link at the bottom without even identifying which rabbit hole the link will take you down…isn’t the way it works either.

And at the time of this writing the article is here: Third Occasion Adverts By Nameless Spokesperson by Teresa Shea | Aug 29, 2022 | Politics | 0 comments. But in case it disappears in the dark of night, here are the screen captures:

screen capture by Ed Heinzelman © 2022 Ed Heinzelman
screen capture by Ed Heinzelman © 2022 Ed Heinzelman

I wonder how the Green Bay Packers feel about the name of this site? Just curious.

as a side note: Blogging Blue authors retain the copyright for their own articles and posts.


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  1. Interesting. I put a comment on their site complaining that Blogging Blue and Ed Heinzelman hadn’t been correctly or completely credited with this content. The comment went up and a bit later the comment came down. But looking at some of their other content, that seems to be the M.O. Copy content from other sources and use their own names…

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