Third Party Ads By Anonymous Spokesperson

Incumbent Senator Ron Johnson has complained about the money being spent to support his Democratic opponent, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes…but I don’t think he’s ever complained abut the tons of third party money spent on his behalf…nor the anonymous faces and companies supposedly among his supporters.

At least once a day I get an ad on either Facebook or YouTube from with Kevin complaining about the price of gasoline and praising Johnson to the heavens for his support of drill baby drill and the infamous and useless Keystone pipeline.

Kevin here has no last name. Kevin apparently owns or works for a firm with 80 employees and forty trucks and is spending twice…twice…as much on fuel this year as last. But we have no idea who Kevin is. We have no idea who the firm is. We have no idea…just sayin’. Fess up guys…if you likes that Ron Johnson guy you should be out front!!

But my take is, just actors, maybe not even in Wisconsin. What do you think??

screen grab by Ed Heinzelman

Just time for real campaign finance reform.


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