In Case You Forgot – Scott Fitzgerald

In light of the the maturity and intelligence that Scott Fitzgerald's supporters are showing, I thought I would bring back some classics. This video can not be shown enough.

How important was passing ACT10(which divided the state and set up the many recalls including his own), very important according to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald because it limited union money to President Obama thus making it easier for the republican nominee to win WI.

To be fair, Scott Fitzgerald needs to take money from the public unions, because he charges the taxpayers of WI $18,128 of taxpayer money a year, to drive to Madison from Beaver Dam.

One of the most true grassroots efforts since the late 1700’s recently took place in his district where Lori Compas started a successful recall drive against Mr. Fitzgerald and is now running for his seat.

But wait there’s more, apparently caught up in the Herman Cain “Nien Nien Nien” momentum, Fitzgerald tried to have democratically elected Senator Mark Miller arrested AND forced his fellow republicans to sign secrecy agreements about their governing. Apparently constituents and transparency are just annoyance’s that do not matter to him.

GIVE $10 to LORI COMPAS , I have no doubt, Thomas Paine would be her campaign manager if he were alive today!


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  1. Lori Compas will be at lake Mills park downtown Saturday at noon.Lets show her our support has not dwindled and help her celebrate winning her primary with more votes than fitzgerald got during his 2010 primary.The general public is invited. Bring a lunch or get one from downtown Lake Mills establishments.

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