So, Is This Human Trafficking or Just Plain Kidnapping?

It was reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) flew at least one plane (maybe two) with fifty immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard…piggy backing on the bus stunts of Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). But the immigrants Abbott has been sending north came from Texas…and guess what…those sent by DeSantis did too…not from his toney state of Florida.

So taking people from one location not under your control…against their will…to another location. Is that human trafficking or just kidnapping?

DeSantis sends 2 planes of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

But here’s the odd thing and of course there is always an odd thing…but DeSantis got money to ship immigrants from Florida…not Texas…so is he misspending Florida tax dollars on this bit of harassment?

“As you may know, in this past legislative session the Florida Legislature appropriated $12 million to implement a program to facilitate the transport of illegal immigrants from this state consistent with federal law,” DeSantis’s communications director told Fox News Digital.

emphasis mine

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