Ron Johnson Displays His Lack Of Spine Again…Even Though His Post Is A Celebration…Well For Him Anyway.

So yesterday as all of you know, the 118th Congress got underway in Washington…well sort of. But the Senate did get started and members were sworn in yesterday, including the embarrassment from Wisconsin and insurrectionist, Ron Johnson. So of course Rojo wanted to celebrate the event and posted this tweet (sorry but to make it fit I had to divide it into two images):

A totally normal and anticipated tweet. Well except, the senator displays his lack of spine by not allowing comments…on a government account…so the First Amendment gets stepped on by an elected official…on of all places! TWITTER!!! The MAGA’s favorite cesspool of free speech!

He’s catching a bit of flack for it…if I get some time later, I’ll try to post some of the responses. But I’ll leave you with this one:


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