The Wisconsin GOP Is Afraid Of YOU, the Voter!

Both the Democratic and Republican parties of Wisconsin are trying to give an extra boost to their get out the vote efforts for the non-partisan spring election by adding advisory referenda to the ballot. This spring in particular because there is going to be a very nasty race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

One party of course, is going to see their ridiculous referendum included while the other party will be locked out because of the gerrymandered state assembly. And that my friend, shows that the Wisconsin GOP doesn’t trust the voter. Why???

The Republicans have put forth a referendum item that essentially says that residents of Wisconsin who are receiving welfare need to look for work while receiving benefits. This is already established state law and no one that I know of is suggesting a change in that law. Of course many a GOP stalwart isn’t necessarily going to know that and will be incensed by the idea of laggards and lazy asses living off the hardworking taxpayers…and the GOP hopes that they come out and vote.

And the Democratic referendum item? Well it’s actually something that 60+% of the voters in this state support. And that’s a return to Roe v. Wade era abortion law and the shit canning of the current 1849 Wisconsin restrictions that went back into effect after the recent Dobbs ruling by SCOTUS. This referendum would certainly mobilize a good number of liberal leaning Dems and Independents who believe in a woman’s right to choose.

One is just window dressing and the other substantial change…and which one will be on the ballot? It’s a real shame that the party who keeps touting ‘freedom’ is too afraid of their constituents to actually afford them: freedom.


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