Items About Certain Document Content In The Trump Indictment Just Made This Personal.

When I read a list of the subjects covered in the top secret and confidential documents that Donald Trump secreted in Mar a Lago, it got very personal for me. Other than nuclear secrets, US troop strengths, NATO alliance secrets, etc, one item stood out after a moments consideration, a document on the perceived vulnerabilities of US forces. In the hands of an adversarial actor this could have very damaging effects on the US military organizations. And that is where it gets personal, because that could be a direct threat to my family.

My son is career army. He is stationed overseas. He has already served a year in Afghanistan. He has already served nearly a year in Iraq. He proudly serves his nation.

So for a former Commander-In-Chief, who swore to defend the US Constitution and vocally supported our military, to put our service members at considerable risk goes beyond breaking a few laws…it is flat out TREASON.

I have never liked Donald Trump. Most of that was based on his policies and of course his lies and manipulation. But now that dislike has moved to open hatred and there is no reason he shouldn’t spend the rest of his miserable life in a federal or military prison.


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