The Fetterman Dress Code Vs. Jim Jordan

Senator John Fetterman (D – PA) has stirred up a hornet’s next in the US Senate for his unconventional dress…so much so that the Senate dress code was repealed and later reinstated all while the US Government is about to shut down due to a lack of a budget. Just another diversion from the tasks at hand.

Now, was Fetterman a bit too extreme in his signature hoodie and in the heat of summer, shorts? I would agree but…but I am betting he looks like a lot of his constituents…assuming Pennsylvanians dress like the Wisconsinites I see at the pharmacy, coffee shop, and grocery store. But now that order has been restored and a business style dress code back in place, Fetterman has stated he will wear a suit on the Senate floor (if he can find one in his size…he’s a big and tall guy after all…I just hope he finds a better tailor than the former president).

But may I suggest that he forego the suit jacket? There seems to be some precedent over in the House of Representatives for just the dress shirt and tie look! And he might not need to even tie his tie!!


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