Easy Solution To House Speaker Issue: Dems Support Rep. Tom Emmer:

Despite being the biggest vote getter in today’s Republican House Speaker lottery and earning the role of speaker designee, Representative Tom Emmer has withdrawn from the race to replace former speaker Mike McCarthy.

So here’s what we need to see happen. Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries needs to walk across the Capitol to Emmer’s office and offer to have the House Democrats support him as speaker. Emmer can trade a few things for the support…but Jeffries can just offer help for Emmer to get control of the GOP back by helping to neutralize the hard core radical wing of the Republican party…and put Trump out of the House picture once and for all.

And will that put Emmer back in the same boat the McCarthy found himself? Not if he can keep his working relationship with the Democrats. And yes, this would also activate some of the far left but to get control of the country back, it would be worth it.


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3 thoughts on “Easy Solution To House Speaker Issue: Dems Support Rep. Tom Emmer:

    1. Yes, I understand that but with each failed round we get a denizen of another lower level of hell. At some point make a deal with a minion to defeat the Great Satan. And make sure that minion understands they need to rely on you to keep their ‘power’!

    2. And so there you go: Republicans have at long last elected a House speaker: Representative Mike Johnson, a fundamentalist Christian who was alsoem once called a key “architect” in Congress’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 election.

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