Neo-Nazi group marches in downtown Madison

First of all…there is no such thing as a Neo-Nazi. You are either a Nazi or you are not.

And given the sacrifices that my father made fighting Nazis in WWII and coming home as a 60% disabled veteran after two years in military and VA hospitals…with what we now call PTSD…and self medicating with alcohol and tobacco to an early death at 58, my feeling is that: not a single one of these vermin should have left Madison alive. And yes, I selected vermin for a very specific reason.

At the time of this writing, my normal go to paper of record the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has but a 10 second phone video…so this article from The Cap Times will have to do.

And I am waiting for our elected Republican officials to denounce this march and this group but again as of this writing, crickets.

Members of a new-Nazi group called the Blood Tribe march in downtown Madison Saturday. FRANCESCA PICA/THE DAILY CARDINAL

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