Trump Sues Wisconsin To Overturn Presidential Election Result

Well actually he sued Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, who by now is pretty used to being sued by Republicans. But on the face of this, the suit makes little sense because even if the Trump campaign were successful in Wisconsin, the 10 electoral college votes won’t change the final result.

President Donald Trump sued Wisconsin officials Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to reclaim a state he lost by about 20,700 votes.

The Republican president filed his suit against Democratic Gov. Tony Evers a day after the governor and the head of the state Elections Commission certified Joe Biden had won the state’s 10 Electoral College votes.    

Time is running short. Under the federal “safe harbor” law, the results determined by the state will be respected if challenges to the outcome are resolved by Dec. 8. The Electoral College meets on Dec. 14 and Congress is to count the electoral votes on Jan. 6.  

The pretzel logic surrounding the entire episode can get quite confusing. The campaign’s lawyer, former Judge Jim Troupis, complained that Wisconsin rushed the certification to prevent the filing of any lawsuits relative to the vote…while Ann Jacobs, the Democratic chair of the Wisconsin Election Commission, says the vote has to be certified before a lawsuit can be filed. Interesting conundrum.

“With Gov. Evers’ premature certification, he is saying the president of the United States has no right to go to court in order to have illegal ballots examined,” Jim Troupis, lead attorney for the Trump campaign in Wisconsin, told Fox News in an interview. “He’s not saying we have a frivolous lawsuit — he is saying we have no right to judicial review — that’s another level of bad.”

Democrats have not said Trump can’t bring a lawsuit, as Troupis claimed.

Ann Jacobs, the Democratic chairwoman of the state Elections Commission, this week said Trump couldn’t file a lawsuit until the results were certified.

And here is the fun part:

Troupis, who is seeking to throw out his own early vote along with hundreds of thousands of others, said he “will not back down when it comes to upholding the law or protecting the integrity of our elections.”

So, first a lawyer and former judge admits to voting illegally? Lock him up! But the fact remains that the voting standards in Wisconsin have been in place for about a decade and it hasn’t been an issue so far…and not even in 2016 when President Trump won by a similar margin to President-elect Biden.

And protecting the ‘integrity of our elections’? Nobody in Wisconsin questioned the integrity of our elections until people like Mr. Troupis, Rudy Giuliani, and President Trump came along. They are the people who are openly attacking the integrity of not only the elections in Wisconsin but nationwide.

The case was filed directly with the Wisconsin Supreme Court despite the fact that state law requires the case start with the circuit courts. So it will be interesting to see whether the court decides to take it up or perhaps more wisely, wave their hands and send the plaintiff off in search of a friendly circuit court.

And one last thing. The Trump campaign, as we all probably know by now, is only targeting Milwaukee and Dane Counties. These are the two largest Democratic enclaves in Wisconsin and they also contain the largest density of persons of color. So the game plan there is to have early voting and certain absentee ballots thrown out in those counties…a total of 220,000+ ballots.

The lawsuit challenges 221,323 absentee ballots cast in Dane and Milwaukee counties, alleging election officials broke the law by continuing the longstanding practice of early voting, allowing voters to label themselves indefinitely confined without further inspection, allowed clerks to fill in missing information n ballots, and allowed poll workers to collect ballots in Madison parks.

The campaign is challenging 170,140 ballots that were cast early, 28,395 ballots cast by voters who claimed to be indefinitely confined, 17,271 ballots collected at “Democracy in the Park” events, and 5,517 ballots for which clerks filled in missing information.

But once this hits the courts, IF they ruled to toss out such ballots, I would expect it would affect ballots statewide and not just the two recount counties since all municipalities were working under the same state laws, rules, and guidelines. If those laws are null and void in one part of Wisconsin, they would be null and void everywhere!

Well, with all of the short deadlines, I don’t imagine we’ll have to wait too long for the next shoe to drop!



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