Let’s Keep In Mind Who Architected The Wisconsin Election Commission

Back in the dark days of Wisconsin politics, the state had an election commission and an ethics committee. It seems that at one point a number of people involved weren’t quite so ethical.

The Wisconsin Legislature then decided to build the Wisconsin Accountability Board to oversee ethics issues and elections. The board consisted of a number of retired judges with overlapping or staggered six year terms.

And then Governor Scott Walker happened and the Republicans solidified their gerrymanderd control of the state legislature and they got tired of whining about the calls of the Accountability Board.

So they went back to the archaic ways of life and brought us a new Wisconsin Elections Commission and a new set of election laws that control how and when elections are run in Wisconsin.

So while we watch the Trump campaign and the tag-along national Republicans lambast Wisconsin for running illegal elections…keep in mind that it was their kindred spirits who built our current election system.


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