SEIU Wisconsin, AFT-212 endorse Chris Larson

In perhaps his biggest endorsement to date, Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, who’s mounted a primary challenge to incumbent State Sen. Jeff Plale (D-South Milwaukee), has received the endorsement of SEIU:

SEIU members are proud to join in a recent wave of endorsements for Chris Larson who is running for State Senate District 7. As a County Supervisor, Larson has been a champion on issues important to SEIU members. Larson fought back against Scott Walker as he attempted to cut vital services such as bus lines that are vital for jobs in our community.

“From fighting back cuts in public transportation to ensuring fair wages for workers in Milwaukee, when we are trying to make our voice heard we can expect to see Chris Larson standing with us,” stated Mike Thomas, President of the SEIU Wisconsin State Council. “That’s why SEIU members are proud to stand with Chris in his primary election for Senate.”

SEIU represents over 17,000 workers in Wisconsin, counting among its members janitors, MPS support staff, health care workers in Milwaukee, and home health care workers statewide. The SEIU press release went on to note SEIU members will participate in member outreach and volunteer walks in the district to help Larson win the primary.

On Wednesday Larson also received the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers Local 212:

MATC Economics professor and 212 President, Dr. Michael Rosen, stated, “Chris is a strong supporter of the MilwaukeeAreaTechnicalCollege and our 56,000 students. Literally thousands of workers have lost their jobs over the past two years, and Chris is committed to assisting them in obtaining the training they need to get back on their feet. As a County Supervisor Chris stood up to the lobbyists and special interests. We need the same type of leadership in Madison.”

Rosen explained that when County Executive Scott Walker attempted to cut the only bus line serving MATC students to the Oak Creek campus, Larson worked closely with MATC in the successful effort to save the line.

Marwill Santiago, AFT 212’s Political Action Committee chair and a student recruiter at MATC, added, “Our members are excited about Chris’ campaign and are going to work hard to help him win the primary.”

As Capper over at Cognitive Dissidence points out, Sen. Plale could be in real trouble in this election, with Plale himself conceding, “There’s no doubt it’s a real race.” It’s a real race, and it’s a race Plale would be certain to lose, if not for the support he’s no doubt receiving from the State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) and Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, who enlisted Sen. Plale’s help in killing the Clean Energy Jobs Act, one of the cornerstones of Gov. Jim Doyle’s legislative agenda during the last session.


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