GOP Side Note On Wisconsin Election: Don’t Block Certification!

I didn’t see this article until I started sifting through my print edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel during lunch. But there is an addendum at the end from former election commissioner John Franke, an appointee of Governor Scott Walker to the now defunct Wisconsin Government Accountability Board:

As the showdown over finalizing the results played out, a former elections official with GOP ties told the commissioners they shouldn’t hold up the certification.

You supervised this election. You are responsible for finalizing the results,” John Franke wrote in a letter Friday to the Elections Commission.

“For the sake of election integrity it is important that you acknowledge that Wisconsin counted votes in a responsible and reasonable manner; then let the other branches of government exercise whatever responsibility they might have with respect to this process.”

Franke, a former prosecutor and former Milwaukee County circuit judge, was appointed in 2014 by Republican Gov. Scott Walker to the state Government Accountability Board, which at the time was in charge of overseeing elections.

Franke sent his letter to all commissioners, but it was clearly aimed at the Republicans. He noted all elections have a small number of irregularities.

“But neither irregularities nor questions provide a valid basis to withhold certification of the votes cast by millions of Wisconsin voters and recorded by an army of election officials and poll workers,” he wrote. “Nor should a commissioner oppose certification simply because an issue may still be subject to litigation.”

Fighting certification “can only be interpreted as an endorsement of baseless and damaging claims” about how the election was conducted, he wrote.

emphasis mine

Now, someone needs to tell the president to stand down!


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