The Irony Behind The Kaepernik Story in Madison

If the Republican majority in Madison had just accepted the Black History Month resolution put forward by the Legislative Black Caucus…and simply approved it in a voice vote…there would have been no story. It would essentially have gone unnoticed outside of the state.

But once again the majority leadership had to make a ‘thing’ out of the inclusion of former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s as a black leader being recognized…and Wisconsin once again made the national news as a backwater.

The upside here is we’ve actually had something of a conversation about race in Wisconsin…not one that’s accomplished anything…but one that has opened more than a few eyes. So let’s build on this…can we push for more discussion on race in the state? Can we start a long term dialogue that will finally help accomplish the things that actually need doing in the state? Can we find ways to include everyone…urban/rural, black/white. conservative/liberal, and faith/non-faith and fix the things that Wisconsin needs to fix?


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1 thought on “The Irony Behind The Kaepernik Story in Madison

  1. We should not have to converse about race. We are the human race, and we need to unite against the destruction of our home, the earth, by those who would profit from petroleum, manufacturing, and shipping goods from countries that have poor populations.

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