A Thought on Lincoln Republican Arthur Kohl-Riggs Campaign for Governor

When I first encountered the Arthur Kohl-Riggs campaign for governor running as a Republican, I thought it was a joke. I’ve been paying attention since then and of course he’s gotten short shrift from the official media and bloggers alike. But after watching this video, whether you take his campaign seriously or not, I have to give him credit for understanding the issues in Wisconsin, being aware of ALL of Governor Walker’s shortcomings, and clearly delineating the issues and his stance on the state of our state. Moderate Republicans should consider voting for Mr. Kohl-Riggs if they want to show their dissatisfaction with our governors histrionics.

But I DO NOT encourage Democrats to cross the party line…we need everyone on board to select the best Democratic candidate to run against the incumbent.

Anyway, take a few moments to watch this. It runs about 4 and a half minutes:

My favorite quote: : “He (Governor Walker) hasn’t engaged anyone!” Ain’t that the truth!


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8 thoughts on “A Thought on Lincoln Republican Arthur Kohl-Riggs Campaign for Governor

  1. Why is it those running against the democrat candidates are listed as fake but yet this clown is listed as a republican? This guy is as much a Republican as Jeff S. is welcome back to B.B.

    1. Because he wasn’t put out there by the Democratic Party…he’s on his own. That’s just a little bit of a difference that apparently was lost on you.

    2. Seriously, dante, do your homework. Why should we engage you if you’re just going to be lazy?

    3. So Dante, do you support the Republican Party-backed effort to run fraudulent “Democrats” against the real candidates in the recall elections?

      Do you support election fraud?

  2. I do not see where the fraud is. FRAUD, deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage. Now there is no deceit, there is no trickery, I just am not getting where the fraud is, and also the GAB have said there is nothing illegal about it.

  3. I disagree. I believe that if a citizen resonates with what Art Kohl-Riggs stands for, Democrat or Republican, it’s important to vote your values. Besides, if Mr. Kohl-Riggs could knock Walker out of the race in the primary, one of the real Democrats will rise to the top to run against him in the general election. Wouldn’t it be a joy to eliminate Walker immediately?!! instead of fearing he could possibly be re-elected in June?

    1. I really doubt that Mr. Kohl-Riggs can pull the 300,000 to 500,000 votes it would take to knock Governor Walker out of the primary. Don’t think the Republican GOTV effort isn’t in full swing…as a matter of fact an email I got tonight says that they are pissed that WISN and WTMJ didn’t put more emphasis on the fact that there is a Republican gubernatorial primary!

  4. dante, on one hand you say Republicans running as Democrats is not fraud, but an independent running as a Republican is fraud. You need to come to one conclusion and stick to it, if you want to be seen as intellectually honest.

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