More on the Dane County Exec…

Yesterday Joe Parisi had an op-ed in the Capital Times explaining both why I like him but will not support him for Dane County Executive. As Representative Parisi says:

Many of my Democratic colleagues and I would happily work across the aisle to promote similar job-creating initiatives. Unfortunately, many members of the incoming majority are already shifting their focus toward pursuing a divisive social agenda, which will do nothing to create jobs in Wisconsin. I vigorously opposed this agenda the last time Republicans had control of the Legislature and I will do so again if they are committed to revisiting these issues. Wisconsin voters soundly rejected this social agenda the last time it was proposed and are no mood to relitigate these issues in the current economic climate.

One of the prime targets of the Republicans’ social agenda will be women’s health. Republicans are already discussing legislation that would allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control to women and to exempt health insurers from a new state law that requires them to cover the cost of contraceptives. This comes as no surprise to those of us who have served under Republican majorities. Past GOP majorities opposed even legislation that required emergency rooms to provide survivors of rape with information about and access to emergency contraception.

In addition to curtailing women’s access to health care, Republicans are discussing a broad array of other initiatives that would do nothing to create jobs, including: eliminating domestic partner benefits for same-sex and unmarried couples, allowing people to carry concealed firearms, and banning embryonic stem cell research. Republican leaders claim that job creation will remain their primary focus, but they will have a very difficult time not being sidetracked by these other divisive issues. If the new majority party is unable focus on jobs, they will have a very brief honeymoon with the people of Wisconsin.

So Rep. Parisi identifies the problem, and vows to fight, but prefers to go and run Dane County. I want a politician that will say, I am needed more here than there so here is where I will stay. That would make me want to support him for bigger ventures in the future!!

Finally I hope Rep. Parisi is correct when he says “If the new majority party is unable focus on jobs, they will have a very brief honeymoon with the people of Wisconsin.” With the “tea party” supporting all republicans ‘no questions asked’ and so many republicans cemented to their seat no matter how incompetent, coupled with Scott Walkers inability to ever take ownership of any issue, I do not have that much faith in the WI voters.


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