And The Lucky Recount Winners Are? Milwaukee And Dane Counties!

This makes little to no sense…yes the biggest number of Biden votes came from Milwaukee and Dane counties…but yes…they are Democratic strong holds and always go Democratic. The Trump campaign needs to flip 11,000 votes to possibly negate Biden’s lead of nearly 21,000 votes. I don’t think that’s likely to happen here.

My biggest consternation is the number of formerly reputable politicians, attorneys, and jurists are willing to buy into the voter irregularities and voter fraud stories…when those stories are made from whole cloth in the president’s fantasy world. But as he would say: it is what it is.

President Donald Trump will seek a recount of ballots in liberal Dane and Milwaukee counties, hoping to overturn the election results in his favor despite voters there choosing President-Elect Joe Biden by wide margins.

Former Dane County Judge Jim Troupis is representing the campaign in its recount effort.

“We will not stop fighting for transparency and integrity in our electoral process to ensure that all Americans can trust the results of a free and fair election in Wisconsin and across the country,” Troupis said in a statement.

In Milwaukee County, Biden beat Trump 317,270 votes to 134,357, according to the final canvass. The county canvass added 19 votes for Biden and 2 for Trump compared to the unofficial results.

In Dane County, Biden beat Trump 260,185 to 78,800. The county canvass added 28 votes for Biden and 11 vote Trump.

Together, Dane and Milwaukee counties represent more than third (35%) of Biden’s statewide vote.

So yes, the president who doesn’t believe in science also can’t do math.

If I were going at this, and I wouldn’t because I don’t anticipate any strategy that will close a 21,000 vote deficit, I’d go after Waukesha and Ozaukee counties. Even though the president won those areas they showed a strong growth in Democratic voting. If you really think something is ‘rigged’, you look for changes or anomalies, not the same ole same ole.

And has anyone noticed the irony around the Wisconsin Elections Commission? I mean…the state Republicans were gung ho to reform and redesign how elections were run in Wisconsin. So the re-created the WEC and voila…THEY don’t like how it runs elections. Shrug.


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7 thoughts on “And The Lucky Recount Winners Are? Milwaukee And Dane Counties!

  1. too bad he didn’t come up with the whole 8 million. we can use the extra cash. Surprised he didn’t since he is so good at spending other people’s money. Is the gop broke?

  2. I think you’ve completely missed the point. They’re not trying to flip ballots or find ones that weren’t counted. Can’t remotely get enough that way. They’re hoping to get as many votes thrown out on technicalities as possible – a stray mark, signature on the wrong line, incomplete address. That’s the only way to make any sort of “significant” change in the numbers. But it’s probably just as likely those disqualifications could come from Trump voters as Biden ones, so they you pick the biggest democrat counties/precincts because more Biden votes would be removed.

    1. Thanks…that makes more sense…but that still requires tossing a net of 20,000+ Biden votes which is pretty unlikely.

      1. Oh absolutely, the chances of having enough of an impact that it changes the end result are almost zero & I’d guess most know that. But disqualifying Biden votes is the best (only) chance chance at moving the needle in that direction.

        Besides, it just fits what seems to have become a core GOP philosophy – voter suppression.

  3. Further support:

    And interestingly:

    While it’s good to see there are actually a few principled republicans/conservatives, it’s too little too late.

    I posted a here a ton years ago – considered myself a conservative & voted for mostly Republicans. Could not stomach Trump – aside from being a despicable human being, he so out of line with most of what I considered to be core conservative tenets. I guess I was willing to give the GOP some benefit of the doubt that Trump’s winning of the nomination was a matter of things just running out of control. But the way the party actually supported & followed his lunacy…I just don’t see myself voting for a Republican again any time soon. And that holds true just as much for state races. In many cases, I think there are some decent human beings running/serving as Republicans in the state. Not a one will get my vote – their handling of Covid – preventing Evers attempts to help and absolute refusal to do anything on the issue…no way. Unacceptable. You & your national GOP members have poisoned the entire party for me.

  4. Great discussion on this thread, thanks.

    The voter purge strategy was never going to change any election results, I agree.

    It appears the GOP strategy (from the start) is seeking to convince several state legislatures to elect and demand credentials for a an alternate group of Electoral College delegates to challenge the rightful group of electors that will be tasked with formally recognizing the slim win by Biden/Harris in WI.

    Biden and Harris finally spoke publicly to the issue today. That team had been allowing the GOP to dictate the narrative of election fraud, which there is no credible proof for, as the GOP lawsuits where judged to be without merit all along and then thrown out.

    Vos and Fitz have not gone away on this topic of seating new electors for Wisconsin to gum up the works.

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