Just a quick note – End the Assaults

If you’re at all interested in checking out a rather thorough accounting of Scott Walker’s failed leadership when it comes to Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division and the Mental Health Complex, you should really check out EndtheAssaults.com.

taxed enough already….Old School!

The “tea” parties were an annual event that with enough money from with enough money from the Koch Brothers, and an aggressive free PR campaign from Fox \”news\”, and it seems like these collections of loons are popping up everywhere like dandelions in the spring. We even had The rodeo clown glen beck, draw a […]

Scott Walker TV ad scandal!!!!

Since folks on both sides of the political spectrum have taken it upon themselves to tear apart the ads being run by the statewide candidates in order to find something to make into an election issue, I figured I’d take a look at a recent ad being run by the Republican Governors Association on behalf […]

A couple of technical notes

Just a couple of technical notes relating to the site itself:

Just below the Blogging Blue logo at the top of the page, you’ll see a series of links to various pages within Blogging Blue. In addition to providing a link to our comment policy, you’ll also find links to our contact form, an events […]

Is “These people could be in charge” the winning message for Democrats?

This promises to be a tough electoral year for Democrats, given the anti-incumbent mood that seems to be prevalent across the nation, and on a national level, Democrats have been searching for an effective argument to bolster their case that Republicans shouldn’t be allowed back in control of Congress. Democrats have used the terms “Bush […]

Urban gardening taking root in post-Katrina NOLA

This is just a great story… When the levee along the Industrial Canal failed back in 2005 and the wall of water drowned much of New Orleans’ Lower Nine, the area north of Claiborne Avenue – the poorest section of the neighborhood – was hardest hit. Not surprisingly, the stretch has been slowest to recover. […]

David Clarke the DINOSAUR**

Last week I asked why Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke won’t debate his opponent in the Democratic primary for the office currently held by Clarke, and while I don’t know all the reasons why Clarke is avoiding debating Chris Moews, I’m betting it might be because Clarke, a “Democrat,” has been really really busy talking […]