Former US Senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart is calling on those he terms ” legitimate gun owners ” to discontinue their membership with the National Rifle Association and form their own organization.   Hart’s argument is, essentially, that the NRA in its current form serves little purpose other than to keep a significant segment of the American population heavily armed and seriously crazy. From his blog post at Huffington Post:

” The National Rifle Association, which claims to speak for America’s gun owners, makes only one argument for assault weapons: if “they” take away our assault weapons, then “they”  will come for our sporting guns.  Never mind that the mysterious “they,” purposely left vague to serve the needs of paranoia, is the government of the United States whose president and members of Congress are all elected by a majority of American citizens.

Outside the arena of combat, assault weapons serve no plausible purpose.  To justify private ownership of combat weapons, therefore, a military purpose must be imagined.

The needs of paranoia require fear, fear that embraces black helicopters, abdication of U.S. sovereignty, U.N. government, and assumption of power by the Trilateral Commission.  Assault weapons are required to prevent this take over.  What the U.S. Army is doing while all this is happening is never quite clear. “

Hart is spot on. Sane, responsible gun owners don’t need assault weapons to defend themselves against conjured, phantom enemies, and they should reconsider their financial support of an organization that seems to have devolved into nothing more than a wellspring of gun totin’, trigger happy paranoia.

Time to dump the NRA.


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  1. nonquixote says:

    from the twitter…

    and yes, in 6 days since Conn. massacre, 470+ Americans have died from gun fire; 1100 have been wounded; 50 of the dead are children

    Fuck You NRA.

  2. Gareth says:

    I don\’t think the gun manufacturers are going to dump the NRA.

  3. Wisconsin Veteran says:

    Let the gun manufacturers decided what is an assault weapon. If they sell it to the military for combat troops it is a weapon of war. THEN it can\’t also be sold to civilians.
    Manufacturers makes the business decision what is best for company. Sales to military or sales to civilians. Simple no 2nd amendment problem.

  4. independent guy says:

    The cycle: Anti-firearms folks go after firearms folks, firearms folks defend themselves against anti-firearm folks, repeat, repeat, etc. The problem here is that crime and criminals are payed no attention. What would happen if these two groups worked together to fight crime and criminals rather than each other?
    Do not fool yourself, when a ban of assault weapons has no impact on Americans killing Americans, what is next? Meanwhile, pray for those 20 doe eyed little kids, their educators and families.

  5. IG,

    Do you have anything other than quasi-avuncular advice to offer? What can we do besides pray?

    • independent guy says:

      Prayer was my advice. Difficult times and difficult situations require this. Not my rules, just the way it is. The President and many others are deep in it as I type. I do not know where it will lead, but, trust it will lead to a better place. You\’ll see. You can substitute the word prayer with meditation. This is hard work and takes time. Sorry if you feel that this too is quasi-avuncular advice. It is not.

  6. Peter Bishop says:

    Thank God for the NRA they understand that guns are not the issue liberalism and its secular society is where America has gone wrong.

  7. George Bell says:

    After the NRA statement on what they will support for prevention for gun violence in our schools we the citizens of the US must move to get these lunatics out of our daily governense and daily life. Their suggestion bears no merit in a civilized society.
    We the majority must prevail and remove this lunacy from our society.

  8. nonquixote says:

    Of course Walker will likely get Wackenhut security for our school security. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Mick says:

    Okay, I would like to ask why the tree hugging liberals are saying nothing about the cause of these pointless killings? The guns are simply the chosen tools. It is my opinion that children usually grow up and become much like their parents with regards to opinions as well as actions. If parents raise their children properly I believe many of these acts of violence could be averted. I also believe that the availability of video games and movies/TV programs that allow the role playing character to shoot hundreds of people is a huge problem. I also have a problem with the gangster rap music and videos that glorify death and illegal acts. As an NRA member myself I cannot believe what I am seeing and hearing from the media with regards to gun control. I have understood for years now that most liberals would love nothing more than to crumple up our sacred Constitution and set it on fire, but the thought of armed state/federal officials being authorized to enter citizens private homes and remove their weapons is, and should, scare every American to their core. If this isn\’t communism than apparently I need to study more to understand what communism is. Am armed society is, in my opinion, the only true check on government power. I know liberals truly believe the police will always be there to protect them and that the government would never harm them, but I would rather be sure my family is safe, as well as free. Think about it, once one amendment is erased who\’s to say others will remain? I have owned guns for over fifteen years now and, so far, they have never jimmied the lock on the safe they are kept in, loaded themselves, and then shot people; at least that I\’m aware of. See my point? In summary I would like to ask a question for liberals, many schedule one narcotics have been banned for decades yet I bet I could buy and one of them on the street by the end of the day, so what makes you think guns will be any different? All that will change is that those who choose to do harm to others will know they are the only one with a gun/s, and since they have already decided to commit suicide, I don\’t think they are going to observe laws banning the possession or use of guns/violence. Let the verbal beatings from liberal extremest begin!!!

  10. Mick,

    You need to quit reading those NRA fundraising letters and believing everything Wayne LaPierre tells you. Even the Rupert Murdoch ownedconservative New York Post called him a gun nut and an NRA loon who went on a bizarre rant during yesterdays press conference, and you\’re repeating many of his talking points.

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