Ass Clown Caucus or Kooks Gone Wild?

Time for another contest here at Blogging Blue! Oh boy!

What to call the nine Wisconsin GOP state legislators who’ve said they’ll back a bill allowing police to arrest any federal officials attempting to implement the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin?

The Ass Clown Caucus? Kooks Gone Wild? Or maybe the, ” I Can’t Believe These People Are This Goddamned Crazy ” Caucus/Kookus?

What’s your pick? Please share your preference or post one of your own!


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10 thoughts on “Ass Clown Caucus or Kooks Gone Wild?

  1. Ed,

    I couldn’t disagree more.

    It’s one thing to have wildly misinformed, citizen Tea Party constitutional lay ” scholars ” issuing wildly inaccurate press releases about the content of the ACA. It’s a whole different matter to have state GOP legislators threatening to have federal officials arrested for stepping in to implement a federal law declared constitutional by the US Supreme Court.

    Ass Clown Caucus it is.

    1. Would that also apply to states that passed marijuana laws resisting when federal officials step in to implement a federal law?

      1. Federeal officials would be stepping in to enforce, not implement, that federal law. And I’m unaware of any state officials threatening the feds under such a scenario.

        Do you have another inapplicable, irrelevant and hypotheical scenario you’d like to try, FSNM?

  2. I have to say despite my disdain for cursing I do find Ass Clown Caucus awfully funny. Slavering Maws of Chaos might work too.

    Ed makes a good point, though. It is important to contextualize the matter. We aren’t living under the Articles of Confederation after all and one can say none of these ninnybobs can have any intimate understanding of TSA. If they did they’d know the daily take of insane items confiscated by TSA officials. Not to mention the myriad modes of innovative concealment. Both are pretty frightening. One would have to be a kook gone wild or negligently ignorant to oppose TSA in the way they do. These are nine irresponsible legislators unfit to govern.

  3. I wasn’t offering up ninnybob as an alternative. Ass Clown Caucus is tough to beat. It’s concise, witty, alliterative…. I’d vote for it.

    I just like to have an excuse to say things like niinnybob or
    Bescumbering Jolterhead Caucus…
    Bescumbering meaning to spray with poo and Jolterhead meaning blockhead.
    This last one I offer as an homage to Grover Norquist’s “Poopyhead”

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