A rally to oppose the Republicans Trash Work (RTW) bill is set for Tuesday and Wednesday at noon at the Capitol:


5 Responses to Labor Rally In Madison On Tuesday and Wednesday

  1. Duane12 says:

    Golly,I don’t know if I can make a WOW, Walkout On Walker. I have a dormant case of the “blue flu” and wouldn’t want to spread it to state employees.

  2. MaseMan says:

    Honest question: Has there been any sort of leadership or communication from Mr. Tate and the DPW on this issue? I’m seeing a lot of communications from AFL-CIO, AFSCME, etc. but so far nothing from the DPW. I asked a couple months ago if the party had any strategy in place to combat inevitable “right to work” legislation, and I wasn’t given any answers. I think current happenings prove that the answer was “No, they did not.”

    • MaseMan says:

      re: Strike Tuesday, we’ll see. I read that post last night and it seems extremely vague. It doesn’t mention which unions, if any actual officials were involved, etc. I think talk of a General Strike might be a lot of wishful thinking right now.

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