Let’s play “Caption This Photo,” with today’s photo coming from an appearance last weekend by Gov. Scott Walker at Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst’s rib fundraiser.

Scott Walker wears gloves to eat ribs

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7 Responses to Caption This: Scott Walker eats ribs

  1. Dougie Cyanide says:

    These tenured hearts are a bitch to clean out from under your nails.

  2. Amanda P. says:

    “Your protestors go down easier here in Iowa,” Walker stated. He was later rushed to the hospital for food poisoning after the protestors came back up on him.

  3. Michael says:

    “Ok, I’ll put it in my mouth, but I’m not touching it with my hands!”

  4. Barb Dawson says:

    Eat…and Die. Can he do the Die part NOW?!

  5. nonquixote says:

    Surprised that Walker’s spokeswoman hasn’t made the obvious reason for the latex gloves known. The excuse is that Scooter wanted to pretend to be helping and essential and needed, all be it with the absolute last step in the work of feeding a picnic crowd.

    Walker was serving ribs to the guests, thus the gloves, and no doubt graciously accepting thanks (and credit) from people after many others had done all the cooking and difficult prep work for the picnic.

    Yet to surface will be the photos of Paul Ryan washing the already clean kettles and grills.

  6. Duane12 says:

    “Yummy, but kissing Koch ass is more rewarding!”

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