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How Republicans ruined Wisconsin’s education system while you were sleeping

Last night Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee voted along straight party lines to put forward an education budget that will do immeasurable harm to Wisconsin’s children for years to come. While I wanted to recap exactly how awful the Republican-approved education budget is, Monologues of Dissent does an outstanding job of explaining how awful […]

Time for true progressives to take a stand on behalf of Wisconsin/American workers

Within only a week or so of announcing his run for US Senate Russ Feingold has come out strong against the Trans Pacific Partnership. Feingold is clear that trade deals like the TPP are written by and for corporations and not the workers who are stuck with whatever is negotiated.But not every Wisconsin Democrat feels […]

Every Voter, Every Election, Every Time!

Supermarket Legends, an ad hoc volunteer group of people from Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs, has its roots in the Walker Recall. The group does voter registration at locally owned supermarkets such as Lena’s and El Rey as well as other high-traffic areas and events in Milwaukee. Supermarket Legends folks also do some candidate advocacy–specifically, […]

Eleanor Wolf, Citizen Action’s 2014 progressive achievement award winner, endorses Jeff Smith for DPW Chair

Ask any progressive in western Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley who the hardest working activist in the Valley is and among the names you’ll hear is Eleanor Wolf, and she’s more than likely to be at the top of the list.

So when Citizen Action of Wisconsin held their annual vote last year to determine who should […]

A Good Man Needs Our Help

Dear Blogging Blue readers,

Last Wednesday, April 1st, a terrible tragedy befell a great friend of Wisconsin. Bad River tribal member David “Joe ” Bates lost his 22 year old son Parker, and his home, to a house fire in Odanah on the Bad River Reservation. Joe suffered severe lung damage from smoke inhalation when […]

MTEA stands with private sector workers in right to work fight

Hats off to the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association for posting video of private sector union workers disrupting the Assembly debate on right to work Thursday afternoon. Rumor has it that some Assembly Democrats were upset at the disruption, which makes you wonder if they’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

What’s disappointing isn’t that working people stood […]

Light a candle for Jeff Simpson

Those of you who are longtime readers of Blogging Blue may remember Jeff Simpson, who blogged here for several years. After leaving Blogging Blue, Jeff began blogging for Cognitive Dissidence, and from CogDis comes news Jeff is once again battling cancer. As many of Jeff Simpson’s friends and friends of this blog know, Jeff is […]

Walking the Talk

Ever since Scott Fitzgerald announced his intent to ramrod so called right to work legislation through the state Senate, I’ve seen a lot of social media/blog comments asking where the DPW is in all of this, and while I can’t speak for Mike Tate, Jason Rae, Joe Wineke or anyone else in the DPW Chair […]

Information on the State Senate’s public hearing on right to work proposal

If you’re planning a trip to the State Capitol tomorrow, here’s information on the State Senate’s public hearing on the Republican right to work proposal.

Labor Rally In Madison On Tuesday and Wednesday

A rally to oppose the Republicans Trash Work (RTW) bill is set for Tuesday and Wednesday at noon at the Capitol: