” Hammerin’ Hank ” knocks another one out of the park

Home run king Hank Aaron ( sorry Barry Bonds, but Hank will always be my home run king ) came under fire recently for saying that racism is alive and well in America. At an event marking the 40th anniversary of his record breaking 715th home run Aaron told USA Today, in apparent reference to [...]

Sen. Glenn Grothman Caught Shopping for His Carpet Bag!

Here’s the lead into the story:

Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) announced Thursday he will challenge longtime Republican congressman Tom Petri in the 6th Congressional District.

It seems that long term Representative Tom Petri (R-Too Close To The Middle) has drawn enough tea party ire to attract the likes of Sen. Grothman. The Senator’s explanation [...]

House GOP hypocrites: fans of “states rights” until states start passing laws Republicans don’t like

Apparently Republicans LOVE them some states’ rights when it comes to things like banning same-sex marriage, making it harder for people to vote, and restricting the ability of women to make their own reproductive decisions, but when it comes to issues like the legalization of marijuana, Republicans can’t help but step all over states’ rights. [...]

Dan Bice should be ashamed of himself

I live over 325 miles northwest of Milwaukee and don’t read Dan Bice’s column all that often, but I notice that the blurb under the title of his ” No Quarter Blog ” reads, “Daniel Bice, the Journal Sentinel’s watchdog columnist, holds politicians and the powerful accountable ” Is that so?

Then someone please tell [...]

Change The John Doe Process Because of Leaks?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new prince of darkness suggests that it is time to rework the laws defining John Doe because there are LEAKS surrounding John Doe II…aka the John Doe investigating irregularities surrounding the gubernatorial recall campaign.

Leaks have served to prosecute conservatives in the court of public opinion when actual evidence is [...]

Something Overlooked In the Kleefisch Child Support Bill

Yeah, I am sure you are all tired of the brou ha ha surrounding the Child Support Bill introduced and withdrawn by State Representative Joel Kleefisch. As Zach published earlier, Rep. Kleefisch received help in preparing the bill from wealthy campaign contributor Michael Eisenga. I am not going to recount all of that…but I did [...]

Freedom of Speech vs., well, Freedom of Speech

This is indirectly about the Duck Dynasty ‘controversy’…and I was going to just let it play out because I don’t feel that pop culture and reality TV have much relevance to political discourse. But then two things happened: Leonard Pitts came out with an Op Ed piece that absolutely nailed the faux controversy surrounding Phil [...]

Rachel Held Evans: Everyone’s a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony

This is worth a read.

Yet you don’t see weigh-ins preceding baptisms or people holding “God Hates Gluttons” signs outside the den of iniquity that is Ryan’s Steakhouse.

And we haven’t even touched on materialism, or the fact that on the day I stuffed my face with froyo, 30,000 kids died from preventable diseases and [...]

Wisconsin’s Incarceration Problem

President Obama pardoned 13 people last week and commuted the sentences of eight others. Each of these commuted sentences was related to violations concerning crack cocaine. President Obama was able to do so by invoking the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. Prior to the passage of the FSA, possession of crack cocaine held a far [...]

Scott Walker really really respects public employees!

Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Unintimidated (emphasis added): As he recalls in Unintimidated, he began a televised fireside chat during the Capitol protests “by making clear my respect for public workers.”

Except there’s this (again with emphasis added). According to the governor’s new book, Walker read the list — written by author and commentator Rod [...]

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