Thoughts on Obama’s Comments Regarding Pakistan

I know folks in some circles (read, conservatives) have been making an issue of Barack Obama’s comments that he’d send U.S. military forces into Pakistan without that government’s permission if he received actionable intelligence about terrorist targets within Pakistan. What’s interesting to note among all the criticisms I’ve read and heard has been the overwhelming thought that Obama’s comments were not only naive, but dangerous as well, and that his comments are another example of why he’s not ready for the presidency. What’s interesting to note, however, is the fact that Republican presidential candidates – and even President Bush himself – have either agreed on substance with Obama’s remarks or have said the same thing themselves.

During the August 5 Republican presidential debate on ABC’s This Week, Rudy Giuliani agreed with Obama’s position, stating, “[W]ould that be an option that’s on the table, which is we have a chance to catch bin Laden and we have got to do it ourselves because we’re not sure if somebody is going to do it correctly — yeah, I think I would take that option.” Asked for his thoughts on the issue, Mitt Romney said, “Of course America always maintains our options to do whatever we think is in the best interests of America.” In light of the fact that conservative candidates support essentially the same policy Obama articulated, I’m waiting for folks like Jessica McBride to start calling out their candidates for their comments as well.


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