Clarke Plays the Blame Game

As first noted by capper over at whallah!, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is playing the blame game once again, and this time he’s blaming everyone but himself (conveniently enough) for the recent spate of shootings in Milwaukee. In an email to Chuck Sykes, Clarke blames Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Common Council President Willie Hines, Governor Jim Doyle, the Milwaukee County Circuit Court judges, and District Attorney John Chisholm in quick succession for the recent rash of violence in Milwaukee, but as I read Clarke’s missive, I noticed one glaring absence among those named as being responsible: Sheriff David Clarke. As Milwaukee County’s top law enforcement official, shouldn’t Sheriff Clarke share in some of the blame for the problems that plague Milwaukee? After all, as Milwaukee County’s “top cop,” Clarke should be at the forefront of any efforts to make Milwaukee a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.

Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Clarke’s casting blame at everyone but himself, because in doing so he’s shifting attention away from his own failed policies as Milwaukee County Sheriff – policies which include pulling deputies from patrolling Milwaukee County parks, eliminating the drug unit, and stopping support for the DARE program, among other things. Maybe Clarke’s bitter because knows he probably will never advance further than his current position, or maybe he’s just too arrogant to admit to his own shortcomings, but if he’s serious about helping find a solution to violent crime in Milwaukee, I’d like to see a lot less talking and a lot more action.


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