Someone’s Been Drinking the Kool-Aid

As first reported by the ever-vigilant Jay over at folkbum’s rambles and rants, Chris from the Badger Blog Alliance posted a nifty little post about the supposed “widespread” voter fraud that Wisconsin has become known for. In talking about the upcoming Democratic presidential primaries on February 19th, Chris says:

My question was and is which side Obama or Hillary will benefit from all the Voter Fraud the left in Wisconsin is known for?(save me your denials we all know you are some ballot box stuffing Mothers)

Now call me crazy, but I’d like to see some tangible proof of the widespread voter fraud that Chris says Wisconsin is known for. I’m willing to venture a guess Chris doesn’t have any proof, given the fact that it’s been widely documented that voter fraud in Wisconsin has been confined to isolated incidents, as opposed to being part of some massive conspiracy.

Heck, if Steve Biskupic says there’s no widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin, then that’s good enough for me:

Late in 2005, Biskupic announced that the task force found no evidence of a conspiracy to steal any election. He added that his office was charging 14 individuals for isolated cases of voter fraud.

Perhaps Chris has some news article or data that I haven’t seen to back up his assertion of widespread voter fraud perpetrated by liberals in Wisconsin, but if he doesn’t, then it looks like someone’s been drinking the Kool-Aid.


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  1. Chris doesn’t need proof. He knows and that’s enough to make him happy. He keeps these things and ponders them in his heart.

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