More “Hip Musings” From James T. Harris

As first reported by capper over at whallah! and Jay over at folkbum, James T. Harris is up to his old sexist tricks. However, instead of asserting he “owns” his daughters, this time James is talking about the
of Chelsea Clinton.

Now I know some of us folks in the liberal Cheddarsphere have come under fire from conservative folks for our supposed sexism, but I can’t help but wonder if those same folks who are so critical of us liberals are also critical of their fellow conservatives, who time and time again have shown their own predilection for making sexist comments.

I’m willing to bet folks like James Wigderson aren’t going to attack their conservative brethren for sexism, because they don’t want to risk alienating themselves among their fellow conservatives.


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4 thoughts on “More “Hip Musings” From James T. Harris

  1. The least you can do if you are going to mention me by name is link to my blog or my column archive (here, let me help you with that: so your readers can decide for themselves whether I’m willing to risk alienating conservatives and Republicans. They might discover that I was an early critic of JB Van Hollen, or that I wrote a bad review of Charlie Sykes’ last book, or that I’ve criticized numerous Republican officials and activists over the years.

    If you’re going to impugn my credibility, have the guts to back it up or buzz off.

  2. Heh….I think it’d be unlikely that I’m illiterate, given the fact that I’ve proven I can both read and write. As for your other attacks, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

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