Michael Savage on McCain/Palin

Obviously I’m not a fan of conservative radio talker Michael Savage, but I found it interesting to hear what he had to say about Sen. John McCain’s decision to choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate (emphasis Savage’s):

McCain has thrown the election. It is clear now with his choice for Vice President that he has no desire to win in November. Why else would he chose an inexperienced woman, whose only apparent qualification is that she won a beauty pageant in the 1980s? Why else would he refuse to say Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name? Why else would he run an ad praising Obama and congratulating him for winning the nomination?

If McCain had chosen Mitt Romney, a man with real leadership ability, real charisma, and real experience, he might have stood a chance. He could have made up for his lack of energy in confronting his opponent, his useless pandering to liberals, and his refusal to expose Obama’s leftism and inexperience. Instead he trumped inexperience with more inexperience. Obama, for all his far-left socialism, picked a running mate who is perceived as giving the ticket more experience. McCain, in defiance of all logic, undermined his strong suit by selecting a political neophyte who waters down his key advantage over Obama.

Of course, I can hear the calls already. Mike, you should give her a chance, she’s a real conservative. Mike, he’s just doing this because he knows he has to pander to win. Mike, isn’t it great that he picked a woman. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Picking someone because of their sex instead of their ability is the same kind of affirmative action insanity that the Democrats have shoved down our throats. We don’t want a panderer, we want a president. If he had chosen a woman who was a real nationalist with a real resume, I would have said, “Right on, John.” But McCain has dropped the ball, thrown in the towel, and raised the white flag. And a generation of Americans will pay for his mistake.

Now I’m loathe to say I agree with Michael Savage, but I do agree with one point he made: picking a running mate simply because of their sex is pandering, plain and simple.

H/T to James Rowen at The Political Environment.


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14 thoughts on “Michael Savage on McCain/Palin

  1. Calling Savage a conservative is kind of like like calling Stalin or Mao just another liberal. He is more comedy then anything else.

  2. Buck, I wouldn’t categorize Savage as comedy. Does he go for maximum shock value with some of the stuff he says? Absolutely, but he’s still got a significant national following, otherwise he wouldn’t still be on the radio.

  3. She is not qualified. Not even close.

    Gavin Newsom is the Mayor of San Francisco. He governs a city that has 200,000 more people than the State of Alaska. That should put things into perspective.

    McCain has never been a mayor or a governor. Does that make him less qualified than Palin?

    Nonsense. Like McCain, Obama was a state Senator.

    Qualifications of Obama:

    Why you can’t vote for McCain:

  4. Well , speaking as a fan of Savage, i find myself in total disagreement with him on this one. I think everyone is in for a very rude awakening. Palin is going to wipe the floor with her critics. I just hope the stinking media doesn’t make a character out of her.Oh wait thats their job! As usual you guys are gonna shoot yourselves in the feet. But it will be fun to watch!

  5. That’s interesting marine, because I passionately dislike Michael Savage, and I actually think he got this one right. Then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  6. Savage doesn’t want to discuss politics anymore that’s why he’s selling his radio story book right now. Normally I like his point of view but lately it’s been angry. Palin isn’t running against Obama either, so the question of experience is moot to me. Romney would have been a better choice but McCain hates him. It would be like watching the odd couple for the next two months.

  7. Considering McCain’s age, I think who is v.p. choice takes on more meaning than previous elections. The average male lifespan is 75.2 years. That means, to finish one term in office, McCain will have live past his statistical lifespan. I’m not saying Sarah Palin does not necessarily have what it takes. She’s still a bad choice because McCain’s campaign is now going to be distracted by trying to expend too much energy convincing everybody that she *is* qualified. In addition, McCain has defused one of his best criticisms of Obama – that he (Obama) is too inexperienced to be president.

    If McCain could say, “I have known this woman for a very long time. I’ve met with her on many occasions. I know who she is and what she stands for. She has the temperament and the qualifications to run this country if necessary,” I would accept that. But he *can’t* say that! He hardly knows her.

  8. Dave, that’s my issue with this pick – the fact that he can’t even say he picked Palin because he knows her well and he knows they’d make a great team. The fact that he’d only met her once before choosing her as his running mate is positively frightening.

  9. I’ve been listening to Savage since I first heard this crazy dude railing IN FAVOR of Prop 187 back in 1994…on KGO!! (for those that don’t know, that’s a fairly liberal newstalk station in SF, and he was filling in for someone)

    There are times I disagree with him, but he is at least INTERESTING to listen to, which is more than I can say for a lot of hosts. He says crap that is way, way off-base, he contradicts himself, he’s an ego-maniac, etc….but again, he DOES entertain.

    All that said, he’s really making an ass of himself with his “opposition” to Palin. He loves playing the contrarian card, but this time it just falls totally flat. He wanted Romney? Right, a flip-flopper on abortion, who is also a Mormon…just what the base wanted. Romney is just so plastic and BORING. If McCain would’ve picked him, they would’ve had ushers walking around the convention prodding people with sticks to wake them up.

    Savage definitely did change when he went national, but I felt that he more-or-less “got over it” and got that edge back. I appreciate people who refuse to carry water for others, but he’s attacking his “own” this time purely for effect. I’ve already turned the dial a couple times this week, and if he keeps it up, I’m afraid this “from the beginning” listener will just listen to music at 3:00.

  10. michael savage is a phony. he is a liberal who has decided for reasons of fame/fortune to impersonate a conservative on radio. his impersonation is simply that of a raving mad, foaming at the mouth, angry at everything crackpot. this is what the left thinks of conservatives. they think all conservatives are like that. the fact is that none are like that. the angriest people are liberals. don’t put any stock into anything michael savage says. it’s all a put-on. he’s a liberal who is doing schtick on the radio.

  11. Michael Savage isn’t for anybody. Even if he says he’d have liked Romney as McCain’s running mate, he’d have found something “drastically” wrong with him before long. Don’t try to guess his politics — as right on as some of his stances sound, I think he’s more the devil’s advocate than anything else, in exchange for plenty of advertising revenue.

    With that posture, he poisons the waters even more than the fourth estate he claims to despise.

  12. Yeah-let’s get Obama in office and see if he tries to vote “PRESENT” while he’s President.

    His four months as a US Senator have been real productive.

  13. Lee, Obama’s spent four years as a U.S. Senator, not four months.

    Also, it’s interesting to note that Sen. McCain has missed 63.8% of the votes in the current Congress. If Sen. McCain can’t even bother to show up to vote more than 50% of the time, then by your logic we should expect that he’ll only show up to do his job as President 36.2% of the time.

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