Brower Receives Key Labor Endorsement

On Thursday, Wisconsin State Assembly candidate Glen Brower announced he had received a key endorsement of his candidacy for the State Assembly. The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO endorsed Brower, who issued a statement on the endorsement:

***For Immediate Release***
August 28, 2008

With the Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, Glen Brower candidate for the 21st Assembly District receives Wisconsin State AFL-CIO endorsement.

With an Economy in peril, gas prices hovering near $4, and news every day of more jobs being lost or shipped over seas, we need strong leadership perhaps more than ever before. The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO has long been a leader in protecting the rights of workers as well as their quality of life, but their still a lot work to be done.

They need the support of strong and proven leadership to ensure that the working men and women of our great state have a voice in Madison. Therefore, recently the AFL-CIO threw its support, along with 1,000 of their affiliated groups, behind Glen Brower.

“As Labor Day approaches I am honored by the endorsement of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO along with its 1,000 affiliated unions. Labor groups such as these have been vital in the creation of our middle class and the quality of life now enjoyed by many of our citizens. We need to make sure that the working men and women of this state are paid livable wages, have job security, and can afford good healthcare for their families.”
– Glen Brower

The Son of a Machinist and a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army, Glen knows the value of hard work and the many challenges that come with it. Because of Glen’s background and understanding of these values, we know we can count of him to fight for our working class.

Contact Person:
Scott Dettman
Brower for Assembly
Campaign Manager

To be fair, Rep. Mark Honadel has received two endorsements since August 4th, with one coming from Pro-Life Wisconsin (no surprise there) and the other coming from the Wisconsin Restaurant Association.

This endorsement is huge for Glen Brower, and it’s just another example of the momentum his campaign has.


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5 thoughts on “Brower Receives Key Labor Endorsement

  1. He’s a Dem and you are surprised the Union is backing him! That is a given! Maybe you are not as bright as you think then.

    Hey sometime this week or next week Jerry K from our site might chime in about his labor fest experience. Tune in it should be good.

    Bring some of your friends, like Kay to read.

    What do you think of Orv so far? I know you don’t like him, but haven’t seen you blast him!

  2. Apparently this group is desperate to get readers over there. It must not be working as originally planned. I must ask – – why satisfy their needs and wants?

    It’s a good thing you don’t go to conservative sites telling people to read your content, Zach!

  3. Greg, Zach has done that… in comments before.

    So many different styles of people over there. Is it that you and Zach do feel the need to attack Kevin now on there?

    Hey what are we the anti-whallah as someone pointed out, Zach struck first.

    You do come to the site Greg, just don’t comment. Is it above you to comment?

    I was told the hit counter is doing very well!

    Just look it has some of the people you like to blog about. I am sure you would have something to say!

    What is the original plan that you think is not working? Tell us!!

    Yes Zach don’t come and comment like Greg tells you. Like a moth to a flame.

  4. You got me, Steve! I do make the bad decision to peek on the site every once in a while. And every time I do, I can’t help but notice that several bloggers share similar writing styles. I also notice how much attention the bloggers on that site (especially YOU, Steve) give Zach and Capper. I’m very impressed with entire entries dedicated to respond to Zach’s statements. You flatter him too much!

    I don’t comment on sites where I feel writing my opinions would be considered a waste of time. You have to admit – – it certainly WOULD be a waste of my time to write an opinion/comment on that site, since those who write the entries are so entrenched with their own beliefs and philosophies and won’t come out of their respective caves.

    Oh, and I don’t order people to do anything. That’s one of the primary differences we have. It certainly seems you guys take orders from a person of higher influence. Heck, I think that whole site was created because a person who has influence wanted to reassert himself as one with that influence!

  5. Steve, what’s Jerry going to say that I haven’t already heard from folks who dislike labor unions? I’m sure whatever Jerry writes will be nothing more than a diatribe against organized labor.

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