What does Palin have to hide?

That’s something I’d like to know.

A couple of days ago, I asked why Gov. Sarah Palin was being protected by the McCain campaign, given the scarcity of media interviews she’s done. For weeks the McCain campaign has shielded Gov. Palin from spontaneous questions from voters and reporters, and went to striking lengths Tuesday to maintain that distance as Palin made her diplomatic debut today.

Gov. Palin met with several world leaders in New York today, but the McCain campaign took the drastic step of banning reporters from the start of the meetings. Interestingly, that’s even more restrictive than the media access rules President Bush uses in the White House. Why the drastic step? So as not to risk a question being asked of Palin by members of the media. Only after new organizations objected did the McCain campaign finally allow members of the media to have access to Gov. Palin, but by then her meetings with the foreign leaders were for all intents and purposes finished.

So given the draconian rules being put in place to protect Gov. Palin, isn’t it only fair to question what the McCain campaign is trying to hide?


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