Where to, Peter?

So the 2008 presidential election is in the books, and while it’s a night of celebration for liberals,the same can’t be said for conservatives. Now some conservatives have been downright gracious in wishing President-elect Obama well in his new role, but unfortunately some conservatives, like Peter over at the Texas Hold ‘Em Blog, haven’t been quite as gracious. Not only is Peter embarassed to be an American, but he’s also stated, “Not my president, not my country” in reference to President-elect Obama.

Now if Barack Obama had lost the election, I can guarantee you I would have been sorely disappointed, but I don’t think I could ever say I was ashamed to be an American. It’s just unfortunate some folks put party above country.

Oh, and I’m just wondering…if Peter’s so ashamed to be an American, does anyone want to take bets on which country he’s going to move to?


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8 thoughts on “Where to, Peter?

  1. Look, I like Peter. Does he go over the line? I think so. Y’all probably think so more. He believes strongly what he believes. There are probably other conservatives and liberals who do the same. Liberals probably had similar sentiments after ’04 especially. I don’t mean that as a “You guys do it too.” but rather that we’re made from the same stuff and are prone toward the same things.

    I don’t like it, but what I think is not going to change what he believes and I wouldn’t want it to. Variety is what makes this country great.

    Peter’s not leaving (I think). Lots of Hollywood types said the same thing after ’00 and ’04. They’re still here.

    It was a hard fought election and conservatives/Republicans lost. Some are taking it harder than others. Give us time to grieve. Most of us will come around. And the ones that don’t, y’all can still poke fun at.

  2. Dean, I can understand why Peter and other conservative folks would be disappointed with how things turned out in this election, but I simply don’t understand how he could say he’s embarrassed to be an American.

    Was I disappointed when Al Gore lost in 2000 and John Kerry lost in 2004? Absolutely, but I was never ashamed to be an American, because I’d rather see my candidate lose an election than to not have an election at all. The fact that we as a people are able to choose our leaders is a great thing, and for that reason alone I’ll always be proud to be an American.

  3. I had some long discourse on this, but I was just blathering. Look, Peter should be called on it. I don’t disagree with that. I can’t understand why he feels that way. Even if you don’t like or agree with Obama this country has survived far worse than anything Obama (for the righties) and Bush (for the lefties) could do.

    We all want what’s best for America. We may not agree on how to do that but if we can agree that we do, we’ve cleared a hurdle.

  4. How ironic that the guy who is first in line to call liberals hateful and anti-American would openly wish for terrorist attacks that kill Americans and then threaten the life of the president. I think he’s a teacher, I wonder how the principal of his school would feel about one of his teachers publicly writing that type of lunacy under his own name. Not to mention that those type of threats are not something to joke about, as the Secret Service takes them very seriously. I can’t believe someone would be so foolish.

    Though I’ll admit, his childish meltdown was quite hilarious to watch. Too bad he had to take his ball and go home.

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