Tommy Thompson to run for governor?

Well, if you believe, Tommy Thompson could very well throw his hat into the ring in 2010. Thompson told 12 News he’s currently looking for other candidates to step up before he throws his hat in the ring, a statement that comes only days after Scott Walker formally announced his intention to run for the seat. Thompson also offered Walker his best wishes, but stopped short of endorsing Walker, and Thompson added he was looking forward to other Republicans entering the race.

To be honest, I’m not at all surprised to read that Tommy Thompson is considering a run for governor. In fact, I predicted Thompson would run back in November 2008. What’s more, I seem to recall a lot of speculation Thompson would throw his name into the race back in 2006, only to stay out and watch Mark Green get clobbered by Governor Jim Doyle. Despite my liberal leanings, I’d actually love to see Tommy Thompson run for governor in 2010, because his candidacy would certainly make for a more interesting Republican primary. What’s more, if Thompson were victorious in the Republican primary, I’d love to see him get his butt handed to him by Governor Doyle in the general election – maybe then he’d get the message and fade quietly into the background of Wisconsin politics.

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21 thoughts on “Tommy Thompson to run for governor?

  1. Tommy just likes to hear his name in the media. he is a has been.. rumor on the street is he is going to endorse Neumann. He has no love for boy wonder Scotty. Tommy feels he is still the king and Scotty is nothing but a servant.

  2. twop4u, I think it’s safe to say you’re right on the money when it comes to Tommy Thompson liking to hear his name in the media. Then again, I think most politicians on his level (Democrat and Republican) are the same way; it comes with the territory I suppose.

  3. I heard on the news today Thompson is saying he doesn’t think Doyle is going to run again. Have you heard anything about that?

  4. A Tommy! candidacy would be anathema to the July 4 TEA party, wouldn’t it?

  5. I’m going to request that anyone who addresses me in writing writes my name with an exclamation point after it.

  6. it will be interesting to see when Tommy endorses Neumann. From his interview tonight he wished Scotty luck…………. you don’t have my blessings………..

  7. I’m betting an endorsement from Thompson will come sooner as opposed to later, barring a run of his own.

  8. I gotta be honest, looking at Doyle’s tanking approval numbers ( – scroll way right), he’s in deep trouble, and Tommy! would frankly probably trounce him if the election were held today. I, for one, am hoping Doyle decides against running (though his fundraising numbers make that seem unlikely), or somebody like Lawton steps in to primary him (though that would be highly unlikely as well). Looks to be shaping up to be a nose-pinching election for me!

  9. JCG, I think Doyle’s numbers will improve throughout 2009, especially if the economy starts to improve.

  10. if Lawton challenged the Governor in a primary, he would beat her hands down similar to he will do to Tommy/ Walker/ etc….

  11. two, I don’t see any serious Democratic or Republican challengers to Doyle in 2010, and that includes Lawton, Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker, and anyone else.

  12. PLEASE Tommy run again. Between Doyle’s spending, cutting funds for public schools, lowering tuition for illegal immigrants (need I go on?) and well Scotty, or Scooter, just being himself we need someone with brains. PLEASE!!!!!

  13. I’m SOO freaking happy Doyle is not running again. I can’t belive people kept voting him in despite he took us to the top for being one of the most taxed states in America.

    He taxed us to eat, he taxed us to breathe, he taxed us to be sick, he taxed us to be healthy, he taxed us so ILLEGALS (people coming into this country breaking the law) could go to school for next to nothing, He taxed us to live, he taxed us to die, he taxed us for taking a crap.

    Now with Obamacare and cap and tax… I mean trade… Living in Wisconsin would be next to impossible if Doyle were still Gov.

    My votes for Scott Walker personally.

  14. Since Thompson’s overhaul of W2 for working women, Wisconsin’s infant and child mortality rate has increased exponentially. Thompson is a typical Republican lizard – we need more of him like we need Swine flu.

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