Feingold shares a constituent’s health care story on Senate floor

On Thursday, Sen. Russ Feingold spoke on the floor of the Senate to call for a real health care reform, as opposed to a bill that simply pays lip service to the issue. In his remarks on the Senate floor, Sen. Feingold highlighted the story of Danine Spencer, a Rhinelander woman who wrote to share her story with her elected officials just ten days ago:

Danine wrote about the experience of having her story shared by Sen. Feingold on her blog:

Before Feingold’s speech, I had hoped he would highlight the fact that health insurance is the main impediment I face in getting off disability. He did. He even quoted me directly from the letter I had written, which was incredibly flattering:She wrote me a letter in which she says she “wants to get off disability very, very badly. I am horribly ashamed that I collect a government check every month. But as it stands, I simply cannot afford private health insurance.” Danine writes that she has “heard a ‘public option’ health insurance plan would sharply lower costs for people like me, she said. Please put everything you have into making sure it is a part of the health care reform bill.”

When the speech was over, I was completely overwhelmed that Senator Feingold had spoken so passionately about the public option and this crazy health care saga of mine. I was humbled by his words. I still am.

If you’d like to share your health care story with Sen. Feingold, visit his Citizen Brief on Health Care.


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