Fred Dooley makes a funny!

This is what passes for funny, if you’re Fred Dooley of the Real Debate Wisconsin blog:

“Got my stimulus package in the mail today. It contained watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, and ten coupons to KFC.”

When confronted with the derogatorily racial nature of the joke, Fred chalked it up to a combination of anesthesia and pain killers following some surgery, as well as citing that he’s from the deep south, instead of taking full responsibility for what he wrote.

Stay classy, Fred Dooley.


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7 thoughts on “Fred Dooley makes a funny!

  1. That’s a common tactic by the right wing. Support wife beating (Limbaugh), call pregnant mothers sows (Belling) and when there is predictable outrage – retreat to a defense of humor and then try to tar those who call you out as humorless and blame it on there political dispositions. Hey, jerks… other than you, no one is buying it.

  2. bitter Fred A racist.
    Somehow i’m not suprised in the least!
    He’s a real leader of the gop wingnut movement!
    Wonder if there were teabags in his stimulus mail?

  3. I still like your classy verbiage of, “It’s safe to say Randy Hollenbeck loves him some Wal-Mart.” Yes, the tone and voice used was …

  4. Zach. This pisses me off on so many levels. Where did this comment originate? Was the person who sent it to Dooley also under-the-influence of something??

    1. Anon, all I know is it was something he received and was “forwarding” on to his readers. To be honest, whether he was drugged or not, he should have known better, because there are some things that are blatantly obvious when it comes to racial “jokes.”

  5. You know…I couldn’t care less about Dooley. He’s not important to me. What gets me is this came from somewhere and it is going around to a lot of people (apparently) and it is disgusting those people find it funny. I guess we’ll see how far that gets them when it come to the elections. My prediction is they won’t be winning anything on this platform.

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