What’s Sebring’s solution to poverty?

In a recent press release, Dan Sebring, a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Gwen Moore, launches an attack on Rep. Moore after Moore asked Rep. Dave Obey, Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, in granting Wisconsin a waiver in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) to provide Suppers through the “At Risk” After School Supper Program. In fact, the byline of Sebring’s press release attacking Rep. Moore is, “U.S. Rep. Moore’s answer to local poverty is to increase dependency on government handouts.”

While accusing your opponent of increasing “dependency on government handouts” might be a great soundbite for appealing to conservatives, Sebring’s statement leaves me with a few questions:

1. Isn’t it Gwen Moore’s job to represent her constituents in the House of Representatives? If so, shouldn’t she be fighting to make sure her constituents get their fair share of federal dollars to help combat poverty?

2. More importantly, what’s Dan “Mayflower descendant” Sebring’s magical solution to the poverty so many of his would-be constituents live in on a daily basis? If he doesn’t support government aid for those living in poverty, then what’s his solution? Sebring mentions poverty in passing on his campaign website, but he does’t mention it as one of the “Top Issues Plaguing our Country.” Don’t Dan Sebring’s potential constituents deserve to know what his plan is for combating poverty – if he even has a plan?


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