At least we know they’ve voted

Yesterday MadCityMan posted an entry about California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s seeming failure to ever have registered to vote in any election for 28 years (virtually her entire adulthood), and at the time, MadCityMan noted it would be interesting to do the same analysis with politicos and business people in Wisconsin that are seeking or considering going after higher office like Neuman, Walker or T. Wall.

Thanks to the internet, doing an analysis of the voting records of Scott Walker, Mark Neumann, and Terrence Wall isn’t that hard, courtesy of the State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access website. A quick check of the “voter search” feature of the Voter Public Access website seems to indicate Mark Neumann’s voting history started on 4/3/2001, while Scott Walker’s voting history starts on 9/8/1998. I wasn’t able to locate a date of birth for Terrence Wall, so I was unable to complete a search of his voting record.

Now keep in mind I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the Voter Public Access website, because it certainly seems unusual that the first voting activity for Mark Neumann appears in 2001. What’s more, a search of my own voting record shows a few holes in the system, so I have doubts as to the accuracy of the system. However, no matter how accurate the system is, at least we know Mark Neumann and Scott Walker have done their civic duty and voted, which is more than can be said for Meg Whitman in California.


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12 thoughts on “At least we know they’ve voted

  1. Hi Zach,
    Thanks for taking this question to the next step. I wasn’t aware of this resource, but I would think that all candidates would start using it for opposition research given the heat that both Fiorina and Whitman are facing over their lack of civic involvement through the voting process.

    1. Ray, it’s a public record, so how is it none of my business?

      Further, it’s called vetting. Voters should know as much as possible about the candidates they’re considering voting for.

  2. Did you consider running your own info through this before checking the GOP candidates?

    Mine misses 2002 and 2004, two elections I voted in, unless Roman Polanski was slipping me Quaaludes. I was not old enough to vote in 2000.

    The way California is run, it wouldn’t surprise me if they screwed up the online registrations as well.

    Good try though. I felt the breeze from you missing the ball on that one.

    1. Matt, I did input my own info, and I noted that when I did so there seemed to be some holes in the system. That’s precisely why I said that I wasn’t sure how accurate the system is.

      As for your comment about California, let’s keep in mind we’re talking about California, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. If you honestly believe six states erroneously have no record of Whitman ever having registered to vote, then that says something.

      1. Homminahommina….maybe the technology wasn’t even available yet?

        Matt, I did input my own info, and I noted that when I did so there seemed to be some holes in the system. That’s precisely why I said that I wasn’t sure how accurate the system is.

        Again, not even thought provocative.

        1. Matt, you don’t find it the least bit odd that taking technology out of the equation, there’s not any paper trail to show she registered to vote? Surely if she had there’d be a paper trail.

          1. Not enough context in the ad. It cited the Sacramento Bee, no article. The ad could have cherry picked something.

  3. How did you happen to single out Walker and Neumann? Don’t care if Lawton voted? Why is it not interesting to do the same analysis on her? What are you trying to imply by only focusing on Republicans? Oh yeah, I know, you mentioned that you scrutinize Democrats too on this blog. Whatever.

    1. forgot, you’ll be happy to know Barb Lawton’s voting history stretches back to 1979, according to the same website.

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