Republican Thugs – Scrambled Eggs Edition

H/T JSonline:

Larry and Connie Lauer happen to believe Gov. Scott Walker should be recalled. They have two grown kids who are teachers, and they think Walker went way too far by gutting collective bargaining for public employees. They believe Walker should have been clearer about his intentions when he was running for governor.

So they put the sign in their yard on Elm Spring Ave. It’s a free country. We treasure the right to speak our minds.

On Dec. 16, the Lauers discovered that the sign had been vandalized. So Larry reinforced it with a sheet of Plexiglas from his garage. Four days later, the sign again was damaged and kicked over, and again Larry repaired it.

Early this month, Larry was relaxing in his living room when he heard something hit his front door. It was an egg. Later, he discovered that about four more eggs hit the second story of the house and the dining room windows.

He reported all three incidents to Wauwatosa police. After the egging, an officer who came to the house told Larry: “You’ve got leaded windows. Maybe you want to cut your losses before a rock comes through.”

So Larry took some paper and paint, and he printed, “You win. Please no more eggs,” and he covered his Recall Walker sign on both sides, protecting the new message with cling wrap.

So the police tell the Lauer’s “You’ve got leaded windows. Maybe you want to cut your losses before a rock comes through.”

I do not blame the police of Wauwatosa, they know that there has been so many counts of Walker backer violence against people who disagree with them that they cant keep up. They also know that just because they throw eggs, doesnt mean they will not escalate the violence. The Wauwatosa police know the best way for the Lauer’s to be safe from the Walker supporters is to pretend they support the Governor. These guys are unhinged right wing militia men. There is no other way. The republican thugs win this battle. What a sad way to govern that Scott Walker has brought to our great state.


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25 thoughts on “Republican Thugs – Scrambled Eggs Edition

  1. …and
    While I understand and agree completely with your intended sentiment and the point of this post and the original article…
    If those Egg thugs actually escalated the situation and Mr. Homeowner felt afraid, and if he had a gun, he could use it to defend himself, his wife, his constitutional rights, and his home.
    It’s a changed world we live in. Castle doctrine, gun rights and the ability to protect your home and body can be “applied” TO republicans, not just BY Republicans.
    I have had my own home “assaulted”. Until you have experienced that (and I recommend having it happen to you more than once. because the first time you tend to see it as Lightening can’t strike here twice”. The next time, and with a completely un-related “perp’ you start to really re-examine everything you had believed. You experience the amount of aggression that can happen while you are waiting for the police. Questions arise in your mind that you have never anticipated to be asking yourself during those fearful and surreal minutes. Do I stay IN the house? Do we run out? or in running out, if one guy is coming in the back door, does he have a buddy waiting at the other exist?
    What is their intent? Are THEY armed? And on and on. In this case and at this point it is “only” eggs. But today more and more people are FORCED to make decisions they never expected to. I would have had some fine words for the “cut your losses” cop. I can either park outside my door 24/7 and dedicate himself to protecting me, or I will do what I gotta do. The law now allows this, and rightly so. The world is getting weirder every day.
    People should re-assess. Use your rights to self-defense if you have to.
    Liberals can buy guns, get trained and get permits too. Some already have. If Medgar Evers had a gun maybe he coulda took out 6 or 8 guys before he went. Why be an obedient victim? Defend your home and your family. Eggman better cut HIS losses.
    I say some people need to smell some coffee while they’re playing with eggs or they might end up toast. How’s that for some awesome breakfast imagery, huh?

    1. I meant the cop can either park outside my door 24/7 and protect me, or….. etc etc
      I type like a monkey
      a gun-totin’ crazy-ass monkey..
      but a monkey all the same

    2. “if he had a gun, he could use it to defend himself, his wife, his constitutional rights, and his home.”

      Yeah, because shooting (and possibly killing) someone who threw an egg at your house certainly seems reasonable!!

  2. As someone with experience being at the receiving end of the thuggery, here’s a few observations, fwiw:

    – Yes, people from all ideological persuasions engage in thuggery. But even in my tangental involvement in Recall Fitz demonstrated how prevalent this has become on one side. This is natural, because that side believes it has a helluva lot to lose. In addition to the routine shouting and shoving of volunteers at signing sessions, FitzWalkerbackers systematically vandalized canvassers’ cars with indications that people must have been followed.

    – Having your property vandalized in even the most seemingly innocuous, prankish ways is freaking scary, and the thugs know it. It isn’t like having your trees tp’ed by teenagers on Halloween; there’s a message being sent that “we know where you live, and you don’t know who we are or how far we’re willing to go. Hide ya wife, hide ya kids. And stay the hell out of politics.” You’re left with the choice to do that last thing, or plan your life around watching the homestead.

    – The police take this very seriously, because they understand what else it can lead to. But generally, there’s almost nothing they can do about it. The thugs know this, too, and leverage it to further torment their victims.

    – Politicians and other ideological honchos don’t need to explicitly advocate thuggery to encourage it. By proclaiming that a cause is fundamentally illegitimate – as we’ve heard over and over again about the protests and recalls – some supporters are inevitably going to reach the conclusion that a response from beyond the pale is justified.

  3. First of all, how does the poster know this homeowner isn’t armed? Second, should deadly force really be used against egg, or even rock-throwers? Third, how will a gun protect nice old windows? The issue isn’t how this guy defends himself, it’s the conduct of Walker supporters.

  4. So much for freedomof speech. If you do not like the message you have the right to destroy it? I think you mgiht feel differently if the shoe was onteh other foot (or should I say the egg is on your wondow).

  5. So Jeff are you going to report on the things that have happened to the other side or are you just going to report on this?

  6. Oh well Jeff just thinking off the top of my head interrupting a special olympics meeting very classy. Sending death threats to republican lawmakers, how about a recent example of harassing a man and a elderly women who served in WW2 all because they were going to speak about a WW2 project. How about pouring beer on Sen. Voss? Driving past Walkers house honking and giving the finger. I mean there are so many examples. Oh on the topic of eggs how about the recaller throwing eggs at a car in Delafield real classy people you got here.

    1. Mike-ah, we’ve covered the special olympics thing here – in fact, I was the one who condemned what those protesters did.

      And for every example you cite, I can cite two examples of conservatives behaving badly (or illegally).

      1. For the record Mike, I agreed with the organizers of that special olympics event and do not think what the protestors did was wrong. I did however speak up against the guy blowing his horn everyday….

  7. Sure Mike….

    The Special Olympics thing, death threats, beer spill, the honking, the finger all have been covered on this blog by one of us at least …..

    The WW2 thing i plan on covering i am just gathering some more info. I will hopefully write about that by sometime early next week.

    The eggs in delafield i never heard that story….

  8. No one knows who did it so maybe it was someone who just doesn’t like the shade of blue in the sign. Of course Dante & John, how d owe know its not Tonette, sneaking over in the middle of the night to throw taxpayer funded eggs that she snuck from the Governors mansion to throw at them.

  9. “I do not blame the police of Wauwatosa, they know that there has been so many counts of Walker backer violence against people who disagree with them that they cant keep up.”

    Do you have any links or sources to support the “so many they can’t keep up” claim?

  10. Someday there may be a blood test that will indicate a person’s potential for committing the crime(?) of defacing a political yard sign. Until we have such a test, the best indicator we have is to watch how a person votes.

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