Wisconsin Republicans Have No Memory

Mark Pocan spoke up on the floor of the assembly today about the ridiculous issue of republicans signing secrecy agreements. No one can seem to remember when or where they signed these agreements.

I Hope Mark Pocans continues working this hard when he is in Washington DC!

Also what the hell is on Kramer’s lip? I think I saw it move.


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7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Republicans Have No Memory

  1. Is there an actual list of the republican signers to be downloaded? I read the part about illegible hand writing, but?

    1. Kim, why did you say, “Pocan is wrong [sic] I beleive [sic] the vote was taken appropriately”, instead of saying, “Pocan is wrong. The vote was taken appropriately”?

      Do you understand the difference?

  2. Pocan said ” I don’t believe anyone in this state thinks this was done correctly” in reference to the vote. I am in this state and I believe it was done correctly, therefore Pocan thunked (sic) wrong.
    I was making a statement not asking a question, do you understand the difference?

    1. It wasn’t a snarky question, Kim. Instead of getting defensive, a not uncommon wingnut trait, why not just address the point implicit in my comment.

      It’s easy to say, “I believe”, without saying more, and people like you often do so without ever providing anything to objectively back up the belief.

      When one is forced to say something definitive, supported by evidence, it isn’t quite as easy, is it?

      That you “believe” what you “believe” is all well and good. However, if you are unwilling to to take out all the relative language like “I believe” when you say something, and state your position definitively, with evidence to support it,
      your opinions just aren’t going to carry much weight.

      Hope that clarifies what I was saying.

  3. I hope their trials are videotaped so we can make a compilation of every single one of them saying “I have no recollection.”

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