Patriots they aren’t…

Watch those “patriots” from Americans For Prosperity cheer after hearing the news Chicago had been eliminated from consideration for the 2016 Summer Olympics:


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14 thoughts on “Patriots they aren’t…

  1. Patriotism has taken on a new definition since Obama has been elected President. AFP apparently feel the only patriots/real Americans are those people who are in lock step with them in their hatred for President Obama and liberals. It’s not even enough to agree with them (AFP) on many of the issues…you MUST HATE President Obama and liberals or in their eyes you are nothing but garbage. My question to you Zach…do you think the AFP is from the fringe right…or do you think they represent most of the right?

    1. I think the AFP is more representative of the right in general, but they certainly have their moments of fringe behavior, but I suppose the same could be said for some organizations on the left.

      1. So…you think AFP is pretty typical of the way the majority on the right think? That’s a pretty depressing thought…because I was hoping there were still some normal right wingers out there.

        1. Anon, it depends on your definition of normal, but I’ve met some very passionate conservatives who I’d consider to be pretty mainstream.

          1. That’s more positive. 🙂

            I guess I’m wondering if the conservatives you meet are like the ones holding Hitler signs at tea parties?

  2. Zach, a lot of us firmly believe having the Olympics in the area would benefit a few but cost the majority. I’m tickled 2016 will be another continent’s problem. It has nothing to do with Obama.

  3. I think it has less to do with the Olympics and more to do with hating Obama and anything he does, even if it would cost less than a day or two of war.

  4. Cindy has a good point. Americans for Prosperity is a group that pushes for smaller government and lower taxes. Hosting the Olympic Games always involves an infusion of tax dollars to pay for security and infrastructre improvements. Granted, some members may personally hate Obama. It’s possible that such hatred added to their glee. But you have insufficient evidence to conclude that their primary motive is hating anything to do with Obama.

    There are plenty of infuriating examples of so-called “patriots” who are now advocating flag desecration, insurrection and/or a military coup. By all means, continue to shine a light on those cockroaches. However, when you lump together traditional right-wing plutocrats with the wing-nuts suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome, you undermine your own credibility.

    I hold center-left views on most issues. I vote for Democrats most often (but not always). I agree with you most of the time. However, I cringe when I see this sort of cocoon-building rhetoric. You’re preaching to the choir and alienating everyone else, with insufficient evidence to support the argument that Americans for Prosperity is cheering Chicago’s loss of the 2016 Olympics because they hate everything Obama tries to accomplish. Although you did not make that claim directly, you certainly implied it, and the commenters certainly go there.

    Wake up, everyone. Obama is not the center of the universe. Not everyone on the right is obsessed with undermining him in all things. Most of the right wing continues to be concerned with the issues they have always been concerned with (fiscal and/or social conservatism). Yes, they are frustrated by the election, and by policies that are no longer going their way. But unless you take the time to listen to what they are saying, instead of lumping all of them in with the Birthers and ignoring them, you will be going through life with blinders on. You will be unprepared to debate the issues.

  5. I do not hate President Obama.

    My initial reaction to hearing the news was not cheering, but a sense of relief that we will be spared the burden of the Chicago Olympics. Yes it would have been fun to attend something in my back yard and see feriners all over the place, but at what cost?

    Yes the cheering may appear bad. But only if you assume you know their motives.

    1. One commentator for ESPN Chicago summed up the opposition’s argument by saying we don’t want to put up with 6 years of consuction to watch two weeks of table tennis and water polo.

      To that end, several commentators suggested that instead of Barack pitching the games, the pitch should have come from Milton Bradley and Jay Cutler. Now, that would have been fun to watch.

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