Chris Kliesmet is clearly out of touch

Not content to support a possible recall of Milwaukee County Supervisor Pat Jursik, the Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) are now making noise about a possible recall of Supervisor Theo Lipscomb, in conjunction with “Glendale Residents for Honest Representation,” a political action committee registered by Toni Hill, a resident of Glendale.

According to Chris Kliesmet of CRG, Lipscomb is being targeted for being out of step with his district by backing a local sales tax increase to fund transit and parks. Clearly, Kliesmet can’t be bothered with facts or reality, because a quick search of the Milwaukee County Election Commission’s website yielded the following results:

2008 Sales Tax Advisory Referendum Results (Supervisor District 1):

  • 8,685 residents of District 1 voted in favor of the advisory referendum
  • 4,652 residents of District 1 voted against the advisory referendum

Voters of Supervisor Lipscomb’s district voted by nearly a 2 to 1 margin in favor of the 2008 advisory referendum, yet Chris Kliesmet and the “Glendale Residents for Honest Representation” think Theo Lipscomb is out of touch with his constituents?

Clearly, it’s Chris Kliesment who’s out of touch, and a proposed recall of Supervisor Lipscomb has the strong scent of failure all over it.


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4 thoughts on “Chris Kliesmet is clearly out of touch

  1. They show a fundamental misunderstanding of the district that he represents. Even in Glendale the result was 50.2 against and 48.8 in favor – in the 80 percent of Glendale that he represents the results were an even closer deadheat.

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