Did Flynn continue the affair?

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, former Waukesha County District Attorney (and current jilted spouse) Paul Bucher is alleging Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has continued his extramarital affair with Jessica McBride, a journalist and lecturer at UWM. Chief Flynn has denied that the affair has continued, saying, “I regret that Mr. Bucher genuinely believes that I continued an extra-marital affair with his wife. I did not.”

While he denied any continuation of his affair with Jessica McBride, Chief Flynn did acknowledge he and McBride have continued to communicate with each other since news of the affair first broke several months ago:

“I cannot deny that she and I have communicated and that we met once. Since my statement in June, there has not been, nor is there, an ongoing affair,” Flynn said. “I will not be drawn further into a public discussion about a pending divorce proceeding.”

For the second time since the affair between Jessica McBride and Ed Flynn came to light, Paul Bucher has filed for divorce from McBride, and he has called for Chief Flynn to resign “because he is a public official, I believe he needs to be held accountable.” Bucher went on to add the affair has “crushed” Bucher’s family. As in the previous divorce filing, Bucher, is asking for primary placement of their 4-year-old daughter, child support and maintenance.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission have stood by Chief Flynn, citing his performance since taking over as Milwaukee’s Police Chief and indicating his personal life has no bearing on his fitness to serve as Police Chief.


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9 thoughts on “Did Flynn continue the affair?

  1. I feel deep empathy for the situation, but this recent development and public display seems more of a custody strategy, than politically motivated. It would be a bonus to have Flynn removed from office for Bucher, but I believe it is more about custodial rights.

    1. Laurie, I get the sense that you’re probably right. This most recent allegation will no doubt help Bucher’s case as he attempts to get custody as well as child support and maintenance from McBride.

      1. It is just sad that Bucher feels it needs to be so public in order to accomplish his goal. That too says quite a bit about his character.

          1. Yes, not shocking…but now the 4 yr old in 10 yrs can read all about her family’s dysfunction in the MJS and the blogosphere achieves.

            A responsible parent who is thinking long-term for his or her child would not open the public arena willingly or lightly. Short-term goals may be met with this strategy, but not something I would put out there for my child to relive all the sordid details in years to come.

            We still do not know who leaked the original story to Bice……

            1. Laurie, I wouldn’t be shocked one bit if it was Bucher himself who leaked the story to Bice. After all, he supposedly found out about the affair from McBride’s email.

              As for your comments about their daughter, it’s always the children who suffer the most in a divorce, and so I do agree that this probably could have been handled with a little bit more discretion by the parties involved.

              1. My point exactly.

                The first time around we all felt some sympathy towards Bucher, even tho he is probably the one who gave the info to Bice.

                This second filing of divorce and the public comments to the media shows that Bucher has taken off his father’s hat and put on his prosecutor’s hat…win at any cost.

                This is a private matter and should be handled privately btwn Bucher and McBride. But unfortunately Bucher brought it back into the public’s eye apparently for his own benefit. Which if I was a child custody judge, I would not look on favorably.

                Again, the children do not appear to be the first thought on both parents’ minds.

                Sad all the way around.

  2. Laurie – I think it’s pretty obvious that Bucher himself leaked the original story to Bice. Who else would have access to the e-mails? Who else would have the motive?

    But this is getting tawdry, ICKY and in one circumstance montrously hypocritical. I think that Paul Bucher has older children from his first marriage. How horrible it must be for them! Unlike the 4 year they don’t have to wait 10 years to learn about the dysfunction…

  3. How is this story relevant to anything? Aren’t you only contributing to Bucher’s broadcasting of personal sordid details by blogging about it? Anything would be more meaningful than prattling on about this bunch.

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