In Brief: Will Barrett run, some Brewers news

  • According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will announce this weekend he is running for governor:

    “You would not be inaccurate to write that,” said a top adviser to the two-term mayor on Friday.

    A second Milwaukee Democrat who has firsthand knowledge of Barrett’s plans also confirmed that the mayor has decided to enter the race to try to replace Gov. Jim Doyle, who announced in August that he would not seek a third term.

    Obviously Barrett’s entry into the gubernatorial race is a good thing for Democrats, and it would set up a possible showdown between Barrett and Scott Walker, which would be tremendously entertaining.

  • In Brewers-related news, the Brew Crew has declined the option on starting pitcher Braden Looper, who despite leading the Brewers in wins with 14 had a pretty terrible season. The move saves the Brewers $5.5 million in salary for next season (Looper’s buyout was $1 million), and hopefully it will allow the team to go out in free agency and get a somewhat decent starting pitcher.
  • And finally, Bishop Jerome Edward Listecki of La Crosse was named as the next Archbishop of the Milwaukee Archdiocese. Listecki will be installed as Archbishop in January.

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7 thoughts on “In Brief: Will Barrett run, some Brewers news

  1. Speaking of Bishops of La Crosse, has anyone else been seeing Raymond Burke all over the news? He was in Time magazine, last week I believe.
    I saw him preside once at the cathedral in La Crosse, not to mention every week at mass for years hearing “with Raymond our bishop and all the clergy”

    1. Jim, I can’t say that I’ve seen Burke all over the news, but then again, I’m not terribly current on what’s going on in LaCrosse.

      1. He hasn’t been in La Crosse for ages, he became an archbishop in St Louis and now he’s at the Vatican. Says some pretty extreme stuff about pro-choice Dems not being able to be Catholic essentially.
        Interesting, but nothing I’m too invested in.

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