Fred Dooley cracks me up

Welcome to Real Debate Wisconsin (RDW). This is primarily a conservative blog but we always welcome input from all points of view.

So says the header at the “Real Debate” Wisconsin blog.

However, despite “welcom[ing] input from all points of view,” Fred Dooley, the proprietor of “Real Debate” Wisconsin, has seen fit to ban yours truly from commenting at “Real Debate.” My offense? Daring to point out the hypocrisy of Fred’s posts about the “hate left” while he turned a blind eye to hateful comments made by his conservative commenters. See, it seems Fred doesn’t like it when anyone dares point out his hypocrisy on the issue. I suppose I should be proud of my ban, as I join a distinguished list of liberal commenters who’ve been banned from commenting on Fred’s blog.

C’est la vie!


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22 thoughts on “Fred Dooley cracks me up

  1. a little sand in his diepy ay?
    Heh, guess some folk only want you to “speak freely” as long as you say what they want you to and shut the f up when they tell you to.
    But, …he’s not being censerish, he was just raised that way, sorry if that bothers you… (ha)

    1. James, I’m guessing the comment that put Fred over the edge had to do with me calling him a hypocrite for tolerating some hateful comments made by a conservative commenter on his site while at the same time Fred attacked Michael Mathias and capper for comments that it’s safe to assume they didn’t make.

  2. Zach…you’ve been busy. Tis the season to be jolly??? Heh. Do what I do…don’t click on his blog. It’s amazing…out of sight = totally out of mind… 🙂

  3. Someone wishes my wife who was sick in the hospital would die.

    Zach shows zero compassion and instead makes a political attack out of it.

    That’s why he is gone.

    I really don’t care to have someone without an ounce of decency or compassion participating. I clearly ask for civility. Zach has proven himself incapable of that.

    And I absolutely knew when I banned him that he would fail to see his own responsiblity and attack me over it.

    If that makes me a hypocrite, so be it.

    I am curious Zach, why didn’t you mention the death wishes and your lack of concern over the same?

    Yeah, I guess you would not want anyone to know about that.

    1. Here’s the irony. Fred bans me for for a perceived slight, yet he’s happy to allow his conservative commenters to tell liberal commenters they’re not fit for “anything except to be the next Daniel Pearl.”

      Yeah, Fred’s all about civility…

      Oh, and as for the “death wishes,” I don’t recall ever wishing death upon you or yours, but nice try.

  4. Fred, IMHO Zach has at least an ounce and is very capable of civility. And is one of thee most civilized commies (lol) that i know, and I consider him a friend (even though it’s just a FB “friend”).

    I would LOVE for you two to be able to work this out. It would prove to me that you both walk the civility walk.

    Rich P

  5. Zach you knew what the thread was about, I told you my wife indeed almost did die, and you showed zero compassion, and still refuse to admit your bad action.

    Rich, Zach apologizing sincerely would be a start.

    1. Yeah, I’m not going to apologize for something someone else wrote, just like you haven’t apologized for the hateful things your conservative commenters have written on your blog.

  6. And there we have it folks. While going through an extremely difficult time you show zero compassion and still refuse to accept it.

    For the record Zach. I addressed the individual personally you are reffering to, asked them to cool their rhetoric and they agreed to a one week suspension from the blog.

    I dealth with them personally and they saw my point.

    I do this often behind the scenes.

    You behind the scenes were nothing but an uncaring ass.

    As you continue to be.

    Sorry Rich you misjudged Zach.

    1. fred, for someone who said they were done with me, you sure do have a lot to say.

      As for my “zero compassion,” I’ll just say you’re in no position to judge.

  7. I just wanted your readers to know the whole story Zach, because as usual, you didn’t tell it.

    I know that when I faced the worst attack ever you could have cared less. That’s all I need to know. I asked you politely for a bit of help and you were a complete ass.

    1. Fred, answer me a question. Why should I “help” you when you’ve made it abundantly clear that there’s a different standard for liberal and conservative commenters on your blog?

      I don’t recall seeing one word of warning from you when your conservative commenter said grumps was fit to be killed like Daniel Pearl, so I fail to see why I should do you any favors.

    1. Rich, you tried, but ultimately Fred’s not interested in resolving this, because he’s fallen quite nicely into the victim role.

  8. Any time I need to get on someone about their comments I try and do it privately. So because you did not see something does not mean nothing happened.

    I also do not see every comment, nor do I claim to. I did address the level of rhetoric from this individual and they have cooled it.

    I had banned them before.

    Still you were a complete ass at a very bad time, and you knew it and still refuse to acknowledge your own bad behavior.

    We’ve been civil in the past Zach. I’ve said some very complimentary things about you in the past, all I get from you is spite and ridiculous partisan attacks full of half truths.

    You are the bad guy here Zach, not me.

    1. For a guy who was done addressing this situation, you certainly do have a lot to say.

      As for me being the bad guy, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but considering some of the vitriol that’s come out of your mouth, I doubt you’ll find much sympathy here.

      Have a great day.

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