Senate health care bill includes caps on annual insurance benefits

CNN is reporting the health care reform legislation currently being considered in the U.S. Senate contains a loophole that would allow caps on annual insurance benefits. According to a White House spokesperson, the White House is seeking the removal of the loophole allowing the annual cap on health insurance benefits:

“The president has made it clear that health insurance reform legislation should prevent insurance companies from placing annual limits on health expenditures that can force families into financial ruin,” said White House spokesman Reid Cherlin. “We will continue to work with Congress on this policy.”

A previous version of the health care reform legislation would have prevented insurance companies from establishing such limits, and the provision was added behind closed doors, so it’s unclear which Senator added the provision.

While I certainly understand the desire to impose caps on benefits, I can’t help but think it’s a bad idea to place a limit on the amount of care an individual can receive, which obviously amounts to financial rationing of health care.


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2 thoughts on “Senate health care bill includes caps on annual insurance benefits

  1. Annual Caps would finacially break some families, like mine. I myself am getting some expensive treatments to treat my stage 4 cancer in my brain and am doing well due to the treatments which I get 3 to 4 times a year. I am being forced to switch insurance companies this year as my employer is switching companies. Scary to think what annual cap these folks could decide on…

    1. David, thanks for sharing your story. Yours is exactly the kind of situation health care reform legislation should be working to address.

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