Bohrod campaign breaks election laws?

Democrat Dan Bohrod, who’s challenging incumbent Democrat Dawn Marie Sass in the State Treasurer’s race, might be in a bit of trouble, if this letter from attorney Michael Maistelman is any indication. Maistelman, who represents Treasurer Sass, alleged Bohrod’s campaign has communicated with individuals at their government offices in violation of Wis. Stats. § 11.36. Additionally, Maistelman alleged that Bohrod’s “communications for political purposes do not comply with Wis. Stats. § 11.30(2).”

At issue is a press release issued by Bohrod yesterday, a press release that was also emailed to a number of individuals (including yours truly). The email was sent to a number of state legislators at their state email addresses, hence the first of Maistelman’s allegations, and the content of the email/press release was lacking an “Authorized and paid for by…” statement, hence the second of the allegations. It will be interesting to see how this situation shakes out, but I’d be willing to bet Bohrod will get a slap on the wrist while learning a valuable lesson about making oneself as familiar as possible with election laws.


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2 thoughts on “Bohrod campaign breaks election laws?

  1. Greetings:

    I’d like your readers to know that I deeply regret this mistake. I take full responsibility, and will have to accept whatever the GAB determines an appropriate penalty. It certainly won’t happen again.

    Thanks very much.

    Dan Bohrod

    (Authorized and paid for by Bohrod for State Treasurer, Dan Bohrod,Treasurer.)

    1. Dan, thanks for the clarification. I think we can all agree that mistakes happen, and you deserve credit for owning up to your mistake and accepting responsibility.

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