2 thoughts on “Congressman Trent Franks: “Blacks were better off under slavery”

  1. It’s unreal what he said and it’s unreal so many of these kooks (Birthers) are getting elected. It just shows you how powerful fear and fear mongering can be.

  2. Well I read your headline with the quote and then watched the video (surprise surprise, Rachel Maddow again) expecting to see that quote, but alas it did not exist. Hey Jay Leno, a little more truth in headlines next time.

    Yes it was incorrect to compare the devastation today with the devastation of slavery, but you and Maddow use that to distract from the point about the devastation today (Maddow’s mocking tone in saying “abortion and stuff”).

    Perhaps she should have pointed out that Margaret Sanger, “brave crusader” of the “women’s rights” movement and founder of Planned Parenthood was an unabashed racist. Probably not the legacy PP wants to remember or promote when they are conning black women into killing their children.

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